How to Help Your Children Adjust to a New City


Moving is scary for everyone in the family. You’re experiencing a new place with new adventures, but you’re also leaving a place where you were familiar and knew everyone. Your kids may be scared and not sure how to navigate their new world. We’ve got a few ways to help the kids adjust to moving to a new city.

Plan An Adventure In The New Place

This new city is a new playground for everyone. Take time to figure it out by making it fun. Get in the car and go on a day trip. Check out all of the neat things to do in the new place. Museums, parks, farmer’s markets, and shopping centers offer new areas of fun. You might even meet new friends on your adventure.

Talk A Lot

One of the most important things to do is to talk and listen about the move. Your kids may have concerns they want to address with you. They may be very excited. Make sure to help them understand all of these new things. Tell them there is nothing they can’t talk to you about. They may be sad, and that’s okay. Talk to them about all of the new adventures in this new place. Give them time to settle in.

Research The Area

You can help kids connect to the new area by doing your own research. Look up really neat facts about the school or town. Find hidden treasures in the town so you can surprise the kids with fun facts and places. There aren’t many places in the world without anything cool. Every place has a story to tell.

Get Connected

Get out and meet neighbors and find new friends. Join social media groups in the community. Introduce your family online so you can get out there. Show your child that you aren’t scared of meeting new friends. Be positive about all of the new people around you. Set up playdates with new friends so your kids can dive right into being involved in the community.

Stay Steady

It’s important for kids to maintain a sense of routine. With order and balance, they feel more in control. Stick to your schedule at home so they feel as if things aren’t spiraling out of their control. Give them this sense of security so they know that not everything around them is changing.

Let Them Decorate

Kids may love the chance to get in on the decorating of their room. Let them pick out the theme. Give them free rein of paint and decorations. This is a blank canvas for them in all aspects. They’re getting to start over in a new place. This can be a very exciting thing for them.

Stay In Contact

Kids need to understand they don’t have to throw away their past. They can keep their friendships from their old city forever. Keep in contact with old friends by sending old fashioned letters or connecting on social media. Set up a time they can go back to visit their old buddies. They will make new friends, but their old friends will hold a special place in their hearts.

Adjusting to a new place may take time for some kids. It’s okay if they’re scared and confused for a while. Most kids will make new friends and love the new place after you give them some time to settle in. Remember that moving is one of the biggest stresses on most people in life. Big things take time, so take it each day at a time with the entire family as everyone figures out their new place.

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