A Look at What to Bring on Your Next Fishing Trip

Fishing Trip

While the idea of a fishing trip brings thoughts of relaxation and rest, the thought of what to bring along might make even the most avid fisherman a bit nervous. Fortunately, an online search can help. Research sites can offer suggestions, as well as products from top-of-the-line companies in the fishing industry.

The most important item to bring on any fishing trip could likely be the fishing poles. Which rods to bring will depend on the type of fishing you plan to do, a lightweight pole will work well when fishing for smaller fish, while a casting rod may be better for children or beginners. It’s also wise to bring a backup fishing rod, should you find yourself losing the battle with the fish at the other end of your primary rod.

A net is also recommended, especially when fishing for larger fish who may put up a fight. Other essential include pliers for removing fish hooks and a tackle box for storing hooks, lures, sinkers, and extra fishing line. For those with a larger size tackle box, other suggestions would be a stringer to hold your catches, a sharp knife for cleaning your fish, bug spray, and a small first aid kit. A cooler with ice will be helpful for saving your catches, while a tape measure and a camera can give you all of the evidence you would need for bragging rights.

While the fishing equipment and supplies might be the first thing that comes to mind for a fishing trip, it’s also important to remember other items, such as a fishing license for the area you’ll be fishing in and a map or GPS for new or unfamiliar areas. Spare clothing will also come in handy, especially on longer trips. Be sure to pack extra shoes (preferably waterproof) and socks in addition to waders. Pants and a hat will provide extra coverage from the sun and bugs, while a light jacket may be handy for changing temperatures or weather. Vests with numerous pockets can be used to hold extra supplies in addition to your tackle box.

It’s important to be aware of the weather conditions in the area you plan to fish to ensure that you are properly prepared. Cold temperatures will call for a heavier jacket with gloves and a hat, while warmer conditions may call for sunscreen and bug repellent. Smaller, more personal items that might be necessary will depend on the type of fishing. If you plan to be fishing from a boat, seasickness pills are a suggestion, but if fishing from the shore, bottles of water and towels will come in handy.

The final thing to remember when going on a fishing trip is to bring the correct bait. Know the area you will be fishing and which type of bait will be best. While many freshwater fish will be attracted to live bait like a nightcrawler, some fish may be more attracted to other live bait items, such as insects or minnows. A little bit of research will help to arm you with all of the knowledge you will need to catch that trophy fish!

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