6 Interesting Tours In Batam That You Must Visit


Many tourist attractions in Batam that are famous and must be visited consist of a number of amazing natural panoramas. The white sand beaches, sunsets, and snorkeling tours always make tourists addicted to come.

Batam, Riau Islands, has become an important destination, whether for business or picnics. Not only beach panoramas, but tourist attractions in Batam which are hits and must be visited have also views of green hills. Then forests, lakes, shopping tours, bridges, and much more. This is why many hotel in Batam are located in pleasant and relaxing places.

Tourist attractions in Batam which are hits and must be visited are suitable as an option when you want to travel with friends or with family. The following is a review of various tourist attractions in Batam which are hits from various sources.

Tour Locations In Batam

1. Tanjung Pinggir Pantai Beach

Tanjung Pinggir Beach is a beautiful beach that has white sand. This tourist spot in Batam is a mandatory choice that must be visited by tourists, you can peek at the beauty of Singapore with its skyscrapers from a distance. Not only that, at the moment of the new year, you can also spend time passing the turn of the year in this place while looking at the scenery of overseas countries.

2. Elyora Beach

No less beautiful than Tanjung Pinggir Beach. The next tourist spot in Batam that can be visited is Elyora beach. This beach also has a panorama that is no less amazing. This tourist location is in Galang Baru, Galang, Batam, Riau Islands. One of the spots has even become very iconic because it presents an Instagrammable view. Suitable for those of you who like to take pictures and show it off on social media.

3. Tunjuk Island

The next tourist spot in Batam is Tunjuk Island, which is no less beautiful than other islands in Batam. White sand and calm waves are the main attraction of the island, which is located on Tunjuk Island, Subangmas, Batam City, Riau Islands.

The best moment to visit tourist attractions in Batam, which are hits and must-sees, is located in the southeast of Batam, is in the morning, while enjoying the sunrise from the east. In addition to a pleasant beach atmosphere, you can also get a panoramic view of Batam’s natural beauty here.

4. Abang Island

Tourist attractions in Batam, which are hits and must be visited, are small islands that offer stunning natural beauty. In fact, the underwater panorama is no less beautiful than other tourist locations. Starting from beautiful coral clusters to the presence of clown fish or nemo fish, this is the main attraction of this Batam tour. The location is in Galang District, Batam City, Riau Islands.

5. Barelang Bridge

Barelang Bridge is a tourist spot in Batam that hits and must be visited that provides beautiful views. This bridge is located about 20 kilometers from downtown Batam.

The beauty of the Barelang Bridge, which is similar to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, is suitable for those of you who want to take pictures with a romantic theme. You can visit this tourist spot in Batam in the morning or evening so you can catch the sunrise and sunset moments clearly from that place.

6. Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque

You can also visit tourist attractions in the form of religious nuances, such as the Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque. This mosque is located in Tj. Bantung, Bengkong, Batam City, Riau Islands. You can take photos here because the architecture of Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque is very unique.

This mosque is certainly a must-visit location. This mosque has elements of Chinese culture with the majority of the paint being red and some ornaments bearing Chinese characters. Besides being able to travel religiously, here you can take pictures with family and friends.

If you want to visit the Batam tourist location above, don’t forget to book a hotel through the Traveloka application.

One of the hotels that you can book while on vacation in Batam is The Golden Bay Hotel Batam. This hotel also offers a variety of interesting facilities that you can enjoy while on vacation with your family or closest friends.

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