8 Reasons to Give Your Children a Trip Instead of Toys

Children a Trip

The word “priceless” gets tossed around a lot these days. If you’re a parent, you know that the one thing that is truly priceless is time with your child. While the craze over the latest gadget or toy may come and go, precious memories last a lifetime. That’s why you might be considering planning a fun trip for your family. Here’s a look at eight reasons to give your children a trip instead of toys!

1. Travel Boosts Brain Development

Most parents understand the benefits of reading to their kids about exciting worlds and lands. Visiting an unfamiliar place in person offers an even bigger benefit! Just think of all the brain synapses that are lighting up as your child discovers a new landscape that is excitingly unfamiliar to them!

2. Travel Encourages Family Bonding

A vacation gives a family the chance to step outside of the pace of daily life to connect in a deep way. Traveling also creates opportunities to have new experiences together! Sharing a new and fresh experience is one of the best ways to bond without distractions.

3. Travel Fosters the Formation of Core Memories

A fun family vacation is something that your children will be telling their children about someday. We all have those “core” childhood memories that stay with us forever. For some, there is the sweet memory of visiting a resort in the Smoky Mountains, visiting family out of state, or going camping by the lake every single year. Others may simply look back fondly on a big vacation they took one year.

4. Travel Builds Confidence

Children gain confidence through travel. It helps them see the world outside of the confines of their school or town. When parents plan trips that allow kids to be active or try out new skills, kids also gain confidence through acquiring competency.

5. Travel Teaches the Value of Experiences Over Material Things

When you prioritize travel over tangible possessions, you are helping to instill a very valuable mindset in your child. You are showing them the value of experiences over things. While purchasing a shiny toy may feel good in the moment, that toy will soon be forgotten. The memories made during a trip will be far more satisfying. As your child grows up, they will feel inspired to save up for travel instead of making “impulse buys” in the moment.

6. Planning a Trip Teaches Responsibility

There are many lessons that can be learned during the travel process. First, children will learn the value of planning and preparation when they are tasked with packing their own suitcases. They will also learn the value of time management as they try to fit the activities and adventures they want to experience into their itinerary.

7. They Won’t Be Little Forever

It’s easy to put off taking a trip until “the future” when life feels hectic. However, the truth is that your kids won’t be under your roof forever. Planning family trips gets harder and harder as kids get deeper into sports, extracurricular activities, first jobs, and college. It’s smart to take advantage of the fact that young children don’t have responsibilities outside of the home before they become young adults.

8. Traveling Is Fun

Do parents really need another reason to want to book a family trip? A family trip is a great way for the whole family to unwind, experience new adventures, and have fun. While you may be focused on planning a trip because you want your child to experience something magical, you shouldn’t underestimate the benefit of letting your little one see you enjoying yourself!

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