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How Much Does Home Automation Cost in Las Vegas?

Typical street of suburban desert homes near Las Vegas Nevada.

Among the hottest things in technology right now is home automation. Consumers suddenly find themselves fascinated by things like smart speakers and smart door locks. Thanks to the prevalence of devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, it is getting harder to find a home without any automation technologies at all. But how much does it all cost?

Las Vegas is a typical American city with a fairly strong economy and a good housing market. If it were possible to pinpoint the cost for home automation in a particular city, one would think Las Vegas should be an easy target. But it is not. The problem is that home automation is not cut and dried. There are a ton of variables that can lead to price swings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Standard and Optional Equipment

Pricing out a home automation system starts with figuring out what kind of equipment you want. There really is no such thing as a standard package, but people new to home automation tend to start with smart speakers. Combining smart speakers with smart lighting is a good way to get started.

Smart speakers and light fixtures barely scratch the surface. Here is a short list of some of the other common home automation devices:

  • Smart thermostats
  • Electronic door locks
  • Video doorbells
  • Electronic window blinds
  • Automated home entertainment systems
  • Automated exterior lighting and sprinkler systems.

The possibilities truly are endless. Just about any device that runs on electricity can be automated to some degree. It is just a matter of buying the right devices to make it happen.

Wireless vs. Wired Home Automation

Another thing that affects pricing is the type of equipment you choose. According to Vivint Smart Home, most of today’s entry-level devices are wireless. That makes them relatively inexpensive and easy to install. But there are wired technologies as well.

For example, if you were building a brand-new Las Vegas home from the ground up, you might have your builder integrate home automation features into the construction. Your builder would likely use a wired lighting system rather than automate via wireless. Such a system would ultimately be more expensive.

Professional Design and Installation

If money were no object, you could spend a ton of money on professional design and installation. And in a city like Las Vegas, there are plenty of contractors capable of installing some pretty amazing systems. Think luxury homes featuring all sorts of electronic gadgets control throughout the home by touch pads mounted on the walls.

Imagine a large screen TV that rises from behind the fireplace mantle at the touch of a button. Imagine integrated lighting that can be controlled with voice commands. Again, there really are few limits if you have the money to spend.

From Hundreds to Thousands

There really is no way to give an accurate price for home automation in Las Vegas – or anywhere else for that matter. An entry-level system with a smart speaker, a couple of lighting fixtures, and a video doorbell could be had for a few hundred dollars. A top-of-the-line system fully integrated into your home at the time of construction could run you thousands.

For most of us, a few hundred dollars is doable. You can get a lot for that kind of money. A smart thermostat, electronic door locks, a video doorbell, and some lighting fixtures to pair with your smart speaker would act as a nice introduction into the home automation world. And because it is all wireless, you can install it yourself at no extra cost.

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