How To Design Winning Open House Flyers That Close Sales


A successful real estate marketing strategy should be 360 degrees. In addition to digital and social components, you should not neglect offline real estate marketing flyers. Otherwise, you could fail to reach a significant audience, and not just people who are older or not tech-savvy. Millennials make up 37% of potential homebuyers. This is a generation that has grown up with computers and the internet as part of their daily lives. Nevertheless, 54% of them order catalogs via snail mail and 82% read direct mail.

A tangible flyer that people can hold in their hands is likely to receive more attention than a flood of daily email promotions. However, this is only true if the brochure is well-designed, attractive, and professional-looking. One of the smartest ways to achieve that is by having brochures produced by a real estate marketing agency. Here are some best practices for creating an effective, memorable open house brochure for your client.

1. Take Professional Photos

The photographs that you choose for your brochure could determine how long it takes to get an offer and close the sale. Nothing that you say about the property can convey what it is like quite as effectively as photographs. Because pictures are so crucial to home sales, it might be a good idea to hire a professional to take the photos.

Taking the pictures is only half the challenge, however. Digital photos should be in a format that is optimal for print. They should be high resolution to ensure they look just as amazing whether enlarged or shrunk down.

2. Use Emotional Words

While photographs do a lot of the heavy lifting, it would be a mistake to assume that the written copy is not important. Home-buying is an emotional process, and how prospective buyers feel when looking at the pictures and touring the property is important. You can enhance the feeling evoked by the photographs by choosing emotional language to describe the home’s best features.

Choosing emotional words that are effective involves knowing your audience and who is likely to be interested in buying the home. The copy you create for young singles should strike a different emotional tone than for parents of small children.

3. Choose a Quality Paper

When you print flyers and brochures on heavy paper stock, it sends a subtle message through the tactile sense that you have something substantial to share. Choosing high-quality, glossy paper also makes the pictures of the property look even better.

4. Take Advantage of Templates

When it comes time to design the brochure, you may not know where to start. Don’t fret if you don’t have a background in graphic design. Templates are available to help you create an effective brochure that can connect with your audience. A template is a pattern that has been designed ahead of time. It is generic and customizable, so you can just add in your own information. Templates allow you to create an attractive brochure without feeling that you have to reinvent the wheel.

To some people, real estate brochures may feel like a remnant of a bygone era. Nevertheless, they are effective at reaching buyers, so they still have value. There are agencies eager to help you create effective brochures and other real estate marketing materials.

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