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Binge-Worthy Home Improvement Shows to Watch This Weekend

Home Improvement

Home improvement is not just fun, but also therapeutic and a must to include in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, the lack of time does not permit us to start projects of our own and even if we do, the lack of motivation ensures we do not complete it. With these shows however, you’ll find exactly what you seek without the commitments that such projects entail. All you need is a good cable TV plan and you’re good to go. Spectrum channels are quite diverse and make for a great viewing experience so if you’re looking for a package, be sure to check them out. Now, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at the shows.

House Hunters

This is one show you’re sure to have heard of. Launched in 1999, it proved a major hit. Its popularity has ensured that it airs for years to come. While we wouldn’t recommend you binge on it from the first season you might want to give past couple a watch. It is a mix of home buying and improvement that just reels you in. It is quite addictive though so beware!

Design on a Dime

With most shows, the budget gets kind of extravagant making it seem out of one’s reach. With Design on a Dime however, you get to see how a boring space can be transformed. Inspiring you to up your thrifting game and giving recycling a new spin, this show shows you how you can revamp your place without breaking the bank. For struggling college graduates just starting out, this is valuable education!

Flip or Flop

With the right tools and a sophisticated taste, you can turn even a rat-infested, roach filled, moldy home into your personal heaven. Watch as realtors Christina El and Tarek buy foreclosed homes and flip them for a profit. Investing some cash and time go a long way in increasing the values of a house and these guys know exactly how to do it! There is risk to be clear, but it’s so much more.

Fixer Upper

This one revolves around a husband and wife duo, Chip and Joanna Gaines, who travel around Texas renovating homes and helping people realize their dreams. They swoop in, tap into the potential of the space they have and spruce it up. The end results are amazing as is our designers’ chemistry! You’ll have a blast watching this show for sure!

Extreme Homes

Showing you architectural wonders, Extreme Homes is the one to watch if you’re interested in seeing intriguing house designs. Featuring homes completely made of glass or shaped like a UFO, this show has the address of all the weird houses you wish you could visit. You also get to hear from the people who built them and why they did so, a story you don’t want to miss!

Beachfront Bargain Hunt

Focusing on retirees looking to settle on the beach and spend their time in the glorious sun, this show takes you to beachfront house hunting. Painting an image of a comfortable life, it inspires you to work hard and save so that you too can enjoy a rewarding life in your later years.

Property Brothers

The two Canadian twins and honestly heartthrobs, Drew and Jonathan Scott, are contractor-realtor partners who help less attractive homebuyers in acquiring a home and turning it into their dream house. The magic they work and the transformation they unveil is sure to leave you stunned.

Dear Genevieve

Another great show you’re sure to fall in love with, this series follows TLC superstar Genevieve Gorder as she kicks off her shoes, rolls up her sleeves and gets to work creating masterpiece after masterpiece. Adding her creative flair, she brings each space to life, giving it more personality. You’ll enjoy each moment of your binge-session with this treat

Small Space Big Style

These days getting a big place in good neighborhood is real expensive. Most of us are stuck with microscopic apartments with barely enough space for necessities and while that may be the sad reality, there is still hope. Thanks to the crafty IKEA furniture and good design you can really increase the space and its use. This show is a real eye opener after which you won’t ever see your space the same.

Final Words

There you go, these are sure to get you your dose of home improvement projects. The Insta-worthy transformations will blow you away and get your own creative juices flowing. As you follow designers across the country, you’ll get to see different types of architecture and even learn a thing or two about design. Before you know it, you too will be an expert in the field and ready to give your own place a makeover. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to binge!

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