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5 Tips to Cleaning out a Garage Full of Junk

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Do you want a garage where you can park your car without any hurdle? Then it would help if you kept it clean. Apart from this, keeping your garage clean will reduce the chance of insects and rodents reaching your place just because of the trash gathered there. Following are some tips that will help you in cleaning your garage:

1- Empty Your Garage

The most important task to make your garage clean is to empty it. First, pull everything out from it and then sort each item to keep it or trash it. By clearing, it will be effortless for you to clean it and put everything valuable in place. However, it would be hard and time-taking to do it alone. So make it a collective project and involve your family members so that you can finish it quickly. This is the first and essential step to start refining your garage.

2- Clean All Surfaces

After emptying the garage, clean it thoroughly so that all dust and waste can be removed. Next, remove all impurities from the floor by utilizing an all-purpose cleaner. Try to use a strong and effective product that can remove various types of oils and dirt from your garage floor. After drying the floor, disinfect it to remove the remaining germs. Use a powerful disinfectant that can remove both bacteria and viruses. It would be best if you cleaned it once or twice a year to keep your garage up to date.

3- Find Storage Solution

Do you want to organize your garage in such a way that all your things get assembled easily? The best solution is to build a cabinet to put most of the items inside it. There are plenty of shelving options of different shapes and sizes that you can avail. You can also use movable brackets on fixed runners to store everything you need. Instead of putting the tools on the floor, you need to line the garage walls with tool racks. One of the important things you can do to make enough space in your garage is to create garage storage overhead. Taking this step can keep your items away from melting snow and blowing dust and leaves. This is an excellent idea to save all your garage material.

4- Paint

A fresh coat of paint is very effective in keeping your garage, cars, and home clean. The best paint you can use is latex paint as it dries quickly and is very easy to clean compared to oil paint. And if you want to paint it more rapidly, you can use airless spray. It can paint your ceiling and wall at one time by using the same color. It automatically adds value to your home. The most significant benefit of painting your garage is that it covers all the cracks and flaws in concrete.

5- Reassemble Everything

After successfully cleaning and fixing your garage, now it’s time to organize your essential items. Put everything back into its proper place to give your garage a neat and appropriate look. First, each and everything must be put in order. Then, you can make some adjustments to put your equipment in the most appropriate place.


All the tips mentioned above will help you keep your garage clean and organized. You can also consult a professional cleaning company to perform this task.

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