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Moving Timeline: A Checklist for Your Next Move


Moving is a big undertaking for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed across town or across the country. There are similar steps that you’re going to have to take to ensure a successful move. We’re going to reveal our awesome moving checklist to ensure that your next move goes as smoothly as possible.

Eight Weeks Out

Get Organized

Your moving needs to start eight weeks out to ensure that you get movers scheduled and your items ready to go. You’ll want to start the process by creating a way to organize all of your files for the move. This could be an old-school folder with notebook paper, or it could be a GoogleDrive file. It’s really up to your preference.

Decide What Stays And What Goes

Next, you’ll want to go through each room of your home and attempt to make decisions regarding what you plan on keeping and what you’re going to get rid of. Remember that you’re going to have to pay to move each item, so you want to make it count. Start by discarding or donating the items that you’ve chosen to no longer keep. Schedule a yard sale if you plan on having one. This will help to clear out some space and make each room feel a bit more manageable.

Get Your Mover Scheduled

This is the perfect time to start gathering information about moving companies. One of the best ways to vet a moving company is to get recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues. If you’re coming up blank in that department, then head online and see who is available. Just be sure to read the reviews before contacting any company. Once you get a company picked out. It’s time to call them and get put on their schedule.

Six Weeks Out

Get Your Packaging Supplies

It’s now time to get your packaging supplies ready. Think boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. While you don’t have to do all of your packing this week, it’s important to have the supplies on hand. This will allow you to tackle items that don’t get used that often. By staggering your packing over the remaining six weeks, you can help to alleviate some of the burdens of stress that comes along with packing up all of your items in a rush.

Notify Everyone

While it’s likely that your family and friends already know about the move, it’s time to notify everyone else. This will be your doctor’s office, dentist, school, and so forth. Every place that you normally deal with will need to be notified that you’re moving. By doing it now, you give them adequate time to provide you with items like school records and medical records.

Four Weeks Out

Notify Utility Companies

You’re at the one-month mark, and it’s time to alert all of your utility companies that you’ll be moving. You’ll need to provide them with the exact date and provide an address to forward the bill to if you’re not currently signed up for e-statements. This category includes your energy company, water company, and so forth.

One Week Out

Plan Packing The Last Items

This is the time to start strategically planning when you’ll be packing up your final items. It’s a good idea to have each family member pack a bag with items for a couple of nights. This way, you can take this new bag to your new home and have something that you live out of until you unpack all of your items.

Make Plans For Moving Pets And Your Family

You’ll want to think about how you’re going to physically move your pets and your family. If you’re going to be taking multiple cars to your new home, then think about who will be driving and who will have the pets.

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