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Live in the Wonders of Renaissance-style Interiors

Renaissance style Interiors

Majestic and gorgeous — these are often the words used to describe Renaissance-style interiors. With the influence of 15th-century decor, homes with Renaissance themes boast of symmetry, ornamental details, and wide interior spaces. It’s no wonder many homeowners still aim to recreate the opulence that makes this theme.

How do you turn your space into its own Renaissance wonder? Get started with the following interior ideas:

  1. Ornate Floorings

One of the things you’ll notice with Renaissance-style interiors is ornate flooring. Most have marble, tile, or brick floors patterned in geometric designs that often resemble a chessboard. The Renaissance period, after all, was the age of symmetry.

Parquetry hardwood flooring is a common option, as it creates flow and adds an illusion of space to a room. It also complements the earthy tones of the Renaissance period; often a palette of reddish-brown and gold.

How to Recreate for Your Home:

You don’t need to refit new tiles for your interiors. You can cover your space with linoleum flooring with repeating ornamental patterns — it’s a fast and cheap way of changing how your floors look.

  1. Wall Patterns

Much like flooring, walls are a central feature to Renaissance-style interiors. If you’ll look at photos of architecture during the 15th and 16th centuries, you’ll find walls with Arabesque or Moresque patterns. These show stems, leaves, and swirls forming into interlaced foliage design. These patterns give rooms a more opulent and splendid look, as they blend well with the wooden furnishings and antique, ornate fireplace surrounds.

How to Recreate for Your Home:

There are two ways to achieve this design: murals or wallpapers. Murals or decorative paintings can provide you with the freedom to customize your wall patterns. Installing wallpapers, on the other hand, can be a faster and cheaper alternative.

  1. Furnishings

Renaissance-style furnishings have the following qualities: bold and dark. Beds are an important piece, especially during the Renaissance period. Back then, only the rich could afford a four-poster canopy bed. These furnishings have dark wooden frames with ornate carvings and draperies made of burgundy-colored fabrics.

Tables and chairs are also important additions. You’ll find round tables with one central abutment, or massive, thick rectangular ones at the center of every Renaissance-style room. Chairs, on the other hand, have curved legs and cushioned seats that make them look regal.

How to Recreate for Your Home:

Visit your antique dealers or local auction houses to look for authentic period furniture pieces. This can help train your eye for details, and get references for furnishings that fit your Renaissance-style interiors.

  1. Paintings

Renaissance is the period of art. It’s when most of today’s celebrated painters flourished. As such, Renaissance-style interiors won’t be complete without decorative paintings adorning your walls.

How to Recreate for Your Home:

 You don’t need to have an actual painting. A simple print placed in elaborate, gilded frames can be enough to provide your walls that 15th-century touch. Better yet, you can have a commissioned painting for that realistic Renaissance feel.

Ready to Decorate?

Despite Renaissance-style interiors displaying opulence, you don’t need to go over the top with your budget. Choosing the right pieces is all you need to recreate this style for your interiors.

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