How to Bring Summer Vibes Into Your Office

Vibes Into Your Office

Large and dark office pieces can make a space feel comforting in the winter and claustrophobic in the summer, which is why many offices turn to interior designers Santa Monica for help. Transforming a dreary workplace into a space that encourages fun and energy is not an easy feat, but it is possible. There are at least six ways to bring the exciting summer vibes into your office.

1. Plants

An office interior designer Los Angeles may suggest using plants to bring life into an office space. Plants improve air quality in an area, and they help reduce the risks of sick building syndrome, which affects workers. By removing air pollutants and adding life to the office, a designer contributes to the energetic vibes of the summer.

2. Lights

Ask any interior designer Manhattan Beach, and they will tell you that office buildings are often starving for natural light. It is difficult to enjoy the energy of summer when your gloomy office is only lit by the flickering fluorescents overhead. If an office does not have significant natural light, or if it doesn’t have southern facing windows, then install good quality LEDs or daylight lamps to help substitute for the lack of natural light.

3. Knick-Knacks

An excellent and affordable way to bring the summer to your office is with knick-knacks. However, do not settle for drab items. Find unique and vibrant pieces that positively contribute to the energy of the office. For example, use colorful picture frames, or find office essentials in unique designs. The point is to find pieces that make you happy when you look at them.

4. Color

If you are lucky enough to have a private office and more fortunate still to have the allowance to change the color of the room, then take advantage. Changing a wall color can help alter the entire mood of an area. However, if you cannot change the wall color, consider bringing in colorful accent pieces. Purchase an orange or red chair, bookcase or lamp; these colors boost energy.

5. Rugs

Rugs offer an excellent way to bring personality and energy to a room. You can choose patterns, solid colors, plush or fibrous. A rug is as subtle or obnoxious as you want. The only rule when buying a rug is to understand what you want from it. If you misunderstand sizing, pattern or color design, you risk making your office feel claustrophobic.

6. Furniture

Furniture can alter the mood of an office. Heavy wood pieces contribute to the warmth of the room, which is great for colder months. However, in the summer, you want a space to feel open and airy. Look for furniture that mimics the mood you want to set. For an office in the summer, find glass top pieces, or thin-legged metal furniture. Stick with more contemporary pieces to create an open aesthetic.

The summer is a time of high-energy and good vibes. When an office presents the opposite feelings to the environment, workers are less motivated. Hire an interior designer to help transform your workplace into a space you want to be in the summer.

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