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Ideas to help you lighten up your dorm space


Does your dorm feel like a huge room to you? Is your dorm dull with little or no decorations? Do you feel like you’re somewhere in a very unpleasant place while you make your best in writing plagiarism free papers? Well here is an article for you. Through research, we have combined a list of ideas that will lighten your dorm space to bring a home feeling and warmth.

  1. Wall photos

Print out photos of your friends and family and paste them on a wall. Even on bad days, this sight is sure to lighten your day. It also helps you fight the awful feeling of being home-sick. Pinterest also offers great photos of places that might remind you of your home such as beautiful images of a tropical forest.

  1. Plants in the room

Search for a plant of your liking and bring it with you to the dorm. Just as plants bring beauty into the world, they bring beauty into any room. Place the plant on a well-aerated surface and take care of it to make sure it does not die.

  1. A light stand

Lights are great for a dorm room but adding a touch of a nightstand light gives the room an elegant look. The lamp should not be so bright.

  1. Comfy comforters and soft sheets

The best part of a dorm room is the sleeping one. So to make it better try using comfortable sheets which are soft and look good. The sheets will not only give you comfort as you sleep but also gives your dorm a great look.

  1. Dorm nooks for studying

Dorms nooks give a dorm room a unique look. By throwing in some extra furniture and spending some extra money. Your dorm could look exceptionally good.

  1. Spice it up with a mirror

Every person gets a good feeling when they look at themselves in a mirror. So placing a mirror in the dorm room makes it look more lively. It not only decorates your room but also makes it look more spacious.

  1. Curtains

Use curtains that give the dorm room a home vibe. Curtains may seem like they have a fixed role to play, but they may make your room feel more like home.;

  1. Headboard addition

Cemented walls are dull and not so attractive. But adding a headboard that looks fabulous makes the room look much better. The design should not be exaggerated and should rhyme with the wall paint.

  1. twinkle light touch

Adding some twinkle lights to your dorm room can give it a nice and very attractive look. Use proper lighting color and range of twinkling.

  1. Fancy rugs

Rugs add an elegant look to any dorm room. They come in different colors and shapes to make sure you get the best for your room.

  1. Hanging place for friends

A separate part of the room to form an area where you can hang with your friend. It not only saves you from the mess they might create in the room, but also makes the room look cooler.

  1. Add pillows

Pillows help you sleep better, but a good design and color arrangement can make your pillows look like decors.


Dorms act as temporary homes for many students. So adding some decorations to make it feel like home is a great idea. So pick some ideas and turn your dull room into your next home.

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