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How to Make Your Home Look Brighter – With Roger Wolfson

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During this lockdown many of us have decided to look within and aim to give our homes a little bit of a makeover. This is certainly something which I have been doing and something that has long bothered me was the lack of light in my home. I decided to use the quarantine to tackle this and I found some great videos by the wonderful interior design expert Roger Wolfson. Roger has a huge amount of videos online and what I love about them is that they are for people like you and I, who perhaps don’t understand the world of design quite like an expert like him does.

Of all of the tips which I get from those videos, here are the ones which have worked best for me.

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The main issue which those of us with darker properties have, is that there are no large windows to draw in that natural light, so we have to make do with what we have. Short of adding lighting all around the place, which would look odd, we have to use what little light there is, to give the appearance of having more. In order to do this a couple of well placed, large mirrors will really work wonders as it reflects the lighting to other areas of the room.


I clearly hadn’t planned for the lack of light when I first designed my living room, as I opted for darker colors like walnut and dark brown leather, clearly a mistake. Whilst having some dark is important, in order to juxtapose with the light, in the main you should be looking at decorating the room in brighter, whites and creams. The simple addition of a rug or a white drape can have a huge impact on the feeling of light in the room, and it really does brighten it up.


Having some bright flowers in your room is also a great way to trick the mind into thinking that the place is brighter than it really is. Ideally fresh flowers are the best option but that can of course get a little pricy. Having said this, there are some very well designed false flowers that really do look like the real thing, and they have the same impact on the room in terms of brightening it up.  


One design idea which I didn’t really think would make much of a difference was artwork depicting outdoor scenes. I gave it a try nonetheless and I have to be honest they really do help to brighten up the room a little. Sometimes they give the appearance of another window, and that is because you should be looking at large pieces rather than small framed items. One large print can really make the difference and help you to add some light and the feeling of space to your room.

Small or non-existent windows doesn’t have to mean that you should live in darkness.

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