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How a Wool Doona Can Offer Better Sleep?

Better Sleep

Sleep has always been an important part of our lives. For ages, people have never been able to function normally without sleep. A good night’s sleep is the reason why the next day of the week might go well. Sleep isn’t just a resting period but also a period to prepare one’s body to work again. To prevent any mistakes or troubles in sleep, we have more than enough material for us. But to select the right one is the key. For this, this article aims to present how a wool doona can offer better sleep. From defining it in clear terms to explaining its benefits, this article is a must-read before buying a doona of wool material.

What is a Wool Doona?

As doonas come with all sorts of filling between their layers, ranging from feathers to wool. Wool doonas are just doonas with wool filling. Though their upper layer is usually made of cotton or silk, the wool inside presents many benefits. Wool is a common fabric obtained from sheep or other fur-producing animals like alpaca or goats. They separate themselves from cotton by the inclusion of lipids instead of cellulose. They are natural and can be easily biodegradable. For this reason, wool is great for doonas as they have a higher rate of heat exchange than others. They are also known to be cool as they quickly absorb our body’s moisture.

Benefits of Wool in Doonas

  • Temperature Regulation

Wool fibres in doonas are known for their extraordinary feature of adjusting to the room and body temperature. They make themselves warm and raise the temperature by trapping the air in their gaps, as they are not tightly packed as other fabrics. On the other hand, they are also sensitive to the perspiration from the body. Wool, as a naturally breathable fabric, draws away from the skin moisture from sweating and cools the temperature without having to uncover half of the body.

  • Machine Washable

Doonas made from wool are mostly washable through a special treatment that hooks the threads onto each other instead of the usual sticking of them. Though they do not need to be washed often, one has to be careful while selecting the detergent and washing mode. Only wool mode and detergent are to be used. And the icing on the cake is that it dries up quickly, irrespective of its weight.

  • Hypoallergenic

The myth that wool is a great allergen is indeed a myth. That allergen is a rare oil found in wool, but it is generally known to be hypoallergenic. The reason for their safety is that wool, as taken from the sheep, is used to protect itself from bacteria and insects. Also, the fact that wool is a material that loses water quickly implies that it is resistant to fungus or dampness. It makes for a great doona material. If anyone has experienced allergies to wool in the past, it probably must have been the cheap material that is not processed correctly.

  • Eco-friendly fabric

Wool is one of the best products that are as close to nature as one gets. It is derived directly from the sheep, but not only for our benefit. It benefits sheep in helping them lose the extra weight and to ensure the growth of new and fresh wool required for their healthy activities. It is also one of the primary sources of benefit to the farmers who breed sheep for their livelihood.

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