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For screenwriter Gia Walsh Bronxville was a piece of work which she had been writing for a number of years and it was the first of many feature films which she has created. This is very much the case with may young movie writers, they will start off spending a long time getting their first piece done, and then they will ramp it up using the experience which they have gained to complete future projects. The lesson here for young writers is the importance of taking you abilities and learning how to build the project, starting very small and then branching out, and here are some exercises which can help you to do it.

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Characters are the most important aspect of a story and that is why it is essential that you learn how to build characters and develop their personalities. You should know a character inside out, you should be looking at understanding who they are, what they do, why they are in the story, where they are going and what their role within the storyline will be. If you are able to dig deep into this type of character then they will be the ones that lead and drive the story. Practice investing people, draw on your own experiences in order to bring your character to life.


The idea of taking on a big story and writing it can be overwhelming and that is why you should be looking at focusing on a single scene. When you write the scene, think about what brought you here, think about what you want the scene to do in terms of the overall storyline and think about who is in the scene, where it is and what it looks like. Once you have set the scene, it is time to start thinking about dialogue, consider all aspects of the dialogue, add pauses and movements to really create the scene that you want. When writing it will help a lot to practice a number of different scenes, different types of moods and emotions. This is a great way to sharpen your penmanship.

Reported Speech

One of the toughest things to do is write speech, it very often feels unnatural. A great way to help you to increase your ability to write speech and dialogue, is to report speech which has already happened. If you record a conversation between you and a friend for example, and then sit and write it out, the whole process is going to begin to feel a lot more natural and it will help you to break down that wall of weirdness that often comes when you start to write down the way in which people speak. Pay attention to regional details too as this can help you to write speech for a range of characters.

The key is to start off small and build up your abilities as a writer until you can take on a big project.

Kelly Passarelly
Kelly Passarelly is a creative thinker who loves writing and working in a challenging environment.

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