Megalopolis toys – Reasons to Fall in Love With Collecting Things

Megalopolis toys

I have always been someone who enjoyed collecting things and my most recent obsession is with new and old Megalopolis Toys, there is something so fun that I find in them. Often when I speak to people they think I am slightly odd for collecting things, and then there are others of course who do the same as me, albeit with different types of things to collect. There is so much joy to be found in collecting no matter whether that is vinyl records, baseball cards, stamps, coins or toys like me.

If you are thinking about a new hobby, here is why I would recommend that you started to collect things.

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Meeting People

Because of the nature of collecting you are always looking to buy and sell to other collectors and that helps you to meet like-minded people. I have made some great friends through the collecting of these toys and we speak very often about any new developments or products on the market. This for me has been about as much of the social side as it is about collecting and that is much of the reason why I continue to do it.


The truth is that there is a little buzz that you get when you find an item which you have been looking out for or when you discover a fact about an item which you have. I have other friends who also collect things such as memorabilia and antique items and they say exactly the same about how they feel when they make a rare find. There is a real buzz that you get and it is this buzz which you end up searching for.


Collecting items is about more than just simply looking at online shops and buying something you like, that of course is just one small part of it. For me collecting is about reading up on items, it is about digging back into the history of the items and finding out where they came from and more details on them. I spend a great deal of my time in email exchanges with fellow collectors to try and make deals and this takes up a lot of the time as well. There is much more to this than just buying and selling with research and making relationships a key part of it.


One of the things which I love most about collecting is that nostalgia which it brings, there is something truly special about holding something old which has been loved by others before you. Collecting gives you a unique view into the past, an incredible chance to feel something which has been been around for a long time, it makes you wonder where it has been throughout its life.

Why not give it a try? Pick something you like and see if you can start to put a little collection together, I reckon you will have more fun than you realize.

Kelly Passarelly
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