6 Tips for Making a Fundraising Dinner Enjoyable

Fundraising Dinner

Every fundraising dinner has the aim of collecting large amounts of money. No matter the reason for the dinner, you need to motivate your guests to write big checks and surpass the target. To achieve this, you have to plan a dinner that is beyond the norm. Get creative and bring out the company or organizational uniqueness. Below are six pointers to help you achieve this.

1- Create a Themed Event

People usually get excited when they need to dress up for an occasion. Whereas most people expect a specific dress code for all formal dinners, you can go the extra mile and create a theme. You can specify the dress code, color, or any other theme that will make people come expectant. In line with that, you must also decorate the venue according to the set theme. The event’s uniqueness will stand out and help you cash in the big bucks.

2- Rent Lounge Furniture

In the list of the items you want to outsource, ensure you add enough lounge furniture. These seats make the place look classy and keep your guests comfortable for the entire dinner. You wouldn’t want people to be uncomfortable and leave before the fundraiser is over because they are tired. When people are comfortable, they enjoy the meal and also get the motivation to linger around for a while.

3- Serve Interesting and Casual Food

Food is another big issue when it comes to dinners. Whereas most formal dinners provide only high-end food to portray class and elegance, you can change that once in a while. Diversify the food varieties and provide some comfort food that people enjoy eating.

In the past, people assumed that donors only loved fancy food. However, this is no longer the case. Your guests would love to get a fresh touch and enjoy the event’s experience rather than just seeing the fancy meal. Ensure your meal also rhymes with your theme. Let people enjoy the food, eat to their fill, and be merry.

4- Plan Entertainment

You cannot dispute the importance of saving money when preparing for the event. Nevertheless, do not cut out on entertainment. Ensure you hire a quality sound system, some good musicians, or even dancers. Choose your entertainment depending on the kind of crowd you want to attract. The quality of the sound and the type of music playing will ensure your guests take to heart the event’s motive and contribute as much as they can.

5- Hold Contests

Contests and games are an excellent way to get a lively crowd. People love fun and games to dilute serious matters and give people a good time. Ensure you also plan the program systematically to keep things always lively. You can mix the games with other entertainment sources and let your guests have fun. Ensure you pick volunteers and choose games that are comfortable with your audience.

6- Have Qualified and Fun Hosts

Above all, the event’s host significantly determines the audience’s mood. If possible, hire an MC or choose someone lively even though they are not the event organizer. The aim is to ensure they keep the conversations enjoyable and entertain your guests.

The more you make your fundraising dinner unique, the more you appeal to your guests. Ensure everyone is comfortable and happy and that the event does not last too long. You can work within your budget and organize a dinner that will bring millions depending on how well you treat your guests. Invest in uniqueness and create an unforgettable feast. By so doing, your guests will always come back whenever you need them.

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