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Four Ways to Comfort Your Teething Baby

Teething Baby

Babies have varying experiences when they are teething. Although there are those who pass the teething stage without so much as a whimper, most babies generally experience terrible discomfort and pain in their gums as their first tooth starts to emerge.

If your baby is having a difficult time at this stage, relieve her discomfort by doing the following things:

  • Rub your baby’s gums
    • With a clean finger, gently massage the gums. This will help soothe the pain. You may apply some teething gel for added relief.
  • Give your baby a teething ring
    • Giving your baby something to chew and bite will help ease her discomfort. Just make sure you have sterilized the teething ring before handing it your little one (a cold teething ring may do job better, so pop it first in the fridge).
  • Offer your baby cold food or drink
    • Chilled yogurt or any baby food can help numb the pain of teething. Although be sure that the food isn’t frozen or it will cause chills. A cool drink may also sooth her mouth.
  • Hug and cuddle your baby
    • Never underestimate the effects of cuddle therapy. Hugs and cuddles are proven ways to reduce a baby’s anxiety and give her reassurance at moments of distress.

The pain and discomfort can cause your teething baby to be impatient and fussy. Whatever you do, always reassure your baby of your presence. And also, watch out for excessive dribbling as this can irritate your baby’s skin in the chin, neck, and chest areas. For more awareness of how to take care of dental issues for your babies click on our website

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