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Interrogate the early childcare centre before entrusting your child to them!

entrusting your child

For a parent, no one is trustworthy enough to be entitled to their kid’s security and care! But, you have to enrol your child in some child care centre at the earliest. Only then will you be able to get back to work and normalise your life. But, isn’t it too tough for you to trust someone to take care of your baby and almost become a second parent to them in your absence? Thank God there are some really good and reliable early child care centres across the city to relieve your stress regarding your baby.

A list of important matters that you should definitely ask the early childcare centre officials before enrolling your kid there!

Once you search and select the best early child care centre like Bambinos, do interrogate them properly in order to put your heart at rest when your kid is with them. They are of course a very responsible team and will care for your child just as you do, but still to ensure that they are the best for your kid, do inquire the following matters before entrusting your child to them:

o Do they have a license? — An institute without a license may not be an institution at all. Check if they are registered and licensed for caring and teaching small kids.

o Are the teachers trained? — The teachers and caretakers of the early childhood centre are specially trained to deal with younger kids. Ensure to ask about the teachers’ experience and training — because at the end of the day, your child is entrusted to them.

o How about the security of the centre? — Security and safety of your child stay a top priority wherever they are! And a childcare centre needs to be totally safe and guarded to ensure your kid is safest there in your absence. Ask regarding their security system or guards, along with the access to view constant CCTV system recordings to track your child’s activities there.

o Are they providing healthy food to your child? — A childcare centre also ensures that your child learns independent eating when they have their meals here. But are the foods they serve to the kids healthy? Ensure to inquire a lot about the meal plan your kid would be exposed to!

o What is the caregiver to the child ratio? — In early childcare centres, you’ll find really small babies and we all know they need constant attention. That is why such centres require a good number of teachers and caregivers to handle the babies. But if there is a single person in charge of a dozen kids, you can well imagine your child’s condition in such a centre. Do ask them how many kids are entitled to a single person before admitting your kid here.

o How can they vouch for the cleanliness and hygiene factor? — Cleanliness and hygiene should be your prime concern when entrusting your child to the early care centres. Inquire if they have special policies for babies with allergies or those who are ill. What’s the hygiene level they maintain and the precautions they take for the safety and wellbeing of the kids.

It’s only when the child care centre answers all your above-stated queries rightly, shall you consider enrolling your child in this centre.

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