Facts 101: Why Do Tyres Generally Come In Black Colour?


When you go out to purchase a new vehicle, you can easily get in several different colours – from blue to black to red and so on. But, did you ever wonder why the tyres of the vehicle are always made in black colour and not the colour matching the car body?

In addition to that, did you know that rubber is actually white in colour, then why tyres are black? Well, fret no more because we’re about to find out why in this article guide – with the help of cheap tyres in Auckland services.

The History Of Tyres

It should be realised that tyres have been around in the market for a very long time and therefore have experienced multiple changes across numerous decades – mainly to the involvement of technology and innovation.

The process was all started with the help of a wooden wheel, after which the metal wheels were introduced and then iron bands were started to be placed over wooden wheel rims. It was then in the year 1895 that the first rubber tyre was found. And the shocking thing is – these rubber tyres were white in colour due to the original colour of the rubber being white. So, the black tyres you see today were originally something else.

Why Tyres Were Made Black In Colour?

During the 1880s, when the invention of cars started to happen, the cars had white coloured tyres with them. As these vehicles started to evolve, it was realised that white tyres cannot provide the required durability that is crucial to obtain in the long-term. This alerted all tyre manufacturers to work on an alternative that will help in improving the overall lifespan of a single tyre.

At first, soot was used with rubber to manufacture tyres that had better longevity. It helped in enhancing the strength of tyre and also reduced the formation of heat caused due to friction when driven on the road surface. But, as cars tend to get more innovative, a new type of compound was found which was known as carbon black – which dramatically enhanced tyre durability. Moreover, black tyres are much easier to maintain than white ones.

How Did Carbon Black Help To Make The Tyre Stronger?

When carbon black was used in the tyre manufacturing process, it enhanced the strength as well as the stiffness of the tyre structure. Since, handling, durability, wear and strength are the four most important factors that are highly desirable by tyre manufacturers, this was indeed a match made in heaven.

Carbon black helps in achieving all of the above-mentioned properties by absorbing away all of the heat that is produced in the tyres, especially when driving.

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