Happy News For Families Who Can’t Afford A Car


Everyone likes to travel in peace and comfort, and the best way to get this done is by owning a car. But not everyone can manage to handle that much financial burden. So, for people who don’t have the ability to buy a car, there are many charity organizations that can help them get a free car.

The main question here is how to get a free car. There are many organizations that can give cars for free to people who are really in need.

Criteria for deciding who can get a free car

The criteria by which the organizations select the people to donate free cars vary from organization to organization.

The normal criteria of the people who can think how to get a free car are

●      The families having low income

●      The victims who had to deal with domestic violence in the past

●      The people who have disabilities or medical needs

●      The people who are victims of natural disasters

●      Active military persons

●      Families who are living in shelters

Charity organizations that will give free cars

In many places even though they receive a lot of requests, sometimes they will be kept on the waiting list. Some of the organization’s names include

●      Cars4Heroes

●      Cars4Christmas

●      Good News Garage

●      800 Charity Cars


●      With Causes

●      Modest Needs

●      United Way Worldwide

There are other ways people can receive free cars like

●      Online Car donation – This organization helps families in need. As with the other organizations, they also have specific criteria and they will give a free car for those who are in real need.

●      Churches: In many places, people who think about how to get a free car can reach out to their local church. The church will not give the car in a direct way. They will show the resources from where the people can get the car. The people have to explain the situation and convince the church authorities that they are in real need of their own car.

●      Goodwill: Local Goodwill can help people to get their own car in many ways. Many people donate second-hand cars to goodwill. So the people who are in dire need of their own car can get a car from those donations.


Crowdfunding platform offers many people a chance to get whatever they want to and it also allows people to receive whatever they are in need of.

All that is to be done is, the organizer has to create a page in the crowdfunding for donations. Even the donations that are coming are small, when all those donations add up it will be a huge amount and can be helpful for people who want a second-hand car.

Few Crowd Funding Platforms:

1.     Fundly

2.     GoFundMe

3.     Kickstarter

Anyone can create a new page with the name they want and collect donations.


For free cars, the government will also give grants and launch programs for people who are struggling financially. But these grants are loans but people don’t need to pay the government back. But all the above-mentioned options are good when trying to get a free car compared to the government option.

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