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Best Appliances to Have in an Outdoor Kitchen

Best Appliances for Outdoor Kitchen

If you are planning to design a new paving stone patio or you are thinking of putting in an outdoor kitchen to your existing space, there are some appliances and features that are a must-have. Installing some or all of these can make it a lot more convenient to host parties and you can also enhance your outdoor cooking experience because you don’t have to run back and forth to your indoor kitchen. So, what are these appliances and features? Let’s take a look:

No kitchen, whether indoors or outdoors, would ever be complete without a refrigerator. When it comes to an outdoor kitchen, some people are so focused on a handy sink or a fabulous grill that they don’t think about the refrigerator at all. Even if you are designing a small outdoor kitchen, you can still make space for a compact refrigerator. This can be used for storing beverages for a party or keep the salad cold while you are grilling meat. You will regret not installing a refrigerator if you don’t go with this option.

  • Ice maker

If the walk to your indoor kitchen is too long or you entertain frequently, you should consider including an ice-maker. It can complement a built-in refrigerator. Even though it is not a must-have, it can certainly make serving beverages very convenient for the host.

  • Beer dispenser

Also known as kergerator, a beer dispenser is vital for some people and not so necessary for others. It depends on how you are planning to use your outdoor kitchen and the kind of gatherings you plan to have. If you are planning to host social gatherings frequently, a beer dispenser is a good investment.

  • Bar

Speaking of adult beverages, it might be a good option to put in a full bar. If you are known for your margaritas or Manhattans when you throw a party or you like having a drink when you return home from work, the full bar can enhance your outdoor kitchen in Windermere.

  • Two-sided grill

There are several reasons to consider a double grill. First, there are plenty of grills out there that have a gas grill on one side and a charcoal grill on the other. Grilling enthusiasts love this option because they can enjoy the best of both worlds without buying two grills. Moreover, it also reduces cooking time because you can grill meat on one side and vegetables, bread and other non-meat items on the other. This is of the utmost importance for those who have vegans or vegetarians in their family or circle.

  • Warming drawer

Not many people have the luxury of a warming drawer in their kitchen, but they are increasing in popularity. This is a handy feature for an outdoor kitchen because it allows you to keep hot dogs and burgers warm when you are cooking large quantities or just keep the food warm for people who show up late.

Apart from these, you should also think about getting side burners, pizza oven, blender, smoker and storage drawers because they all enhance the functionality of your outdoor kitchen.

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