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5 Key Ways to Make a Building Safer and More Secure

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As a building owner, you want to keep your property and tenants safe. Some risks to protect a building include theft, fire, damage from water, and terrorism. Fortunately, you can take the cheapest steps to make a building safer and more secure. After some time, you review your security measures to identify potential threats as they develop with time. Your goal is to provide safety to people living in those buildings. Below are five key ways to make a building safer and more secure.

1- Keep Landscaping Criminal-Proof

The smaller the size of your land area, the fewer hiding places people have. In addition, poorly maintained gardens often indicate that you have neglected your property, and it signals criminals that you might be ignoring the security aspect.

You can opt for bushes and flowers instead of trees and shrubs, which provide intruders with a hiding place. Trim your bushes and flowers regularly and cut down trees next to windows. Another option is to reinforce the windows to make it impossible for buglers to access your house through the windows.

2- Install Quality Water Systems

Water leakages have become the most common risk to our buildings today. High-rise residential buildings are more exposed to water leakages due to more plumbing, and without proper control, it could lead to property loss to tenants.

Significant areas to check for leakages include roofs, bathrooms, balconies, and fire suppression piping systems. It would help if you were involved or hired qualified professionals to do the water piping system.

3- Install Fireproof Walls, Floors, Ceilings, and Doors

Saving your home from fire is satisfactory and reduces the stress of thinking about what might happen in case of fire. You can install fireproof walls which prevent the horizontal passage of fire. Fireproof doors can also be added, allowing people to save themselves in a fire incident. Fire-resistant floors and ceilings prevent fire from spreading from one base to another.

4- Use High-Security Locks

To secure your home from theft, you may need to install high-security locks. Having a sound lock system will keep intruders away from your home.

High-end security locks are only available and purchased from an authorized distributor. The keys to these locks cannot be duplicated, providing security to your building.

5- Install Electronic Surveillance Systems

If you do not already have a CCTV monitoring system, install it. Place cameras in well-lit areas and common areas such as highways, elevators, and parking lots. Continuous monitoring of the surveillance system is key to identifying possible intruders to prevent losses. Additionally, put lights on dark spots to enable CCTV cameras to capture the view.

Keeping your building safe provides satisfaction to tenants or family members that they have nothing to worry about. Provision of security attracts tenants to rent in your building, and you will not have an empty house at one time as a building owner. Tenants will also not be hesitant in paying you the rent. Ensure that qualified personnel provide and install the security mentioned above features.

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