6 Key Reasons to Treat Peripheral Neuropathy Immediately

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord. If left untreated, it can lead to numbness, tingling, and pain in your hands and feet. While there is no cure for peripheral neuropathy, there are treatments available that can help reduce your symptoms. Here are six key reasons not to let peripheral neuropathy go untreated.

1- Prevents Long Term Damage

Peripheral neuropathy can be extremely painful, but it is more than just a debilitating condition. Untreated, peripheral neuropathy can lead to more serious foot ulcers and foot deformities. Since damaged nerves cause the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, early treatment of peripheral neuropathy is important in preventing long-term damage or worsening of symptoms.

2- Decreases Risk of Injury If Left Untreated

Because untreated peripheral neuropathy can lead to numbness and tingling, you are at high risk for injury if this condition is left untreated. Some people lose coordination in their hands and feet, making simple tasks like using the phone, walking upstairs, or cooking risky.

3- Decreases Risk of Infection in Feet

The same numbness and tingling that can lead to injury in the hands and feet can also make it difficult to notice an infection in your feet. A cut or wound on your foot, even a blister, can go unnoticed if you have untreated peripheral neuropathy. This can lead to foot ulcers, which are serious infections that can be avoided by treating peripheral neuropathy.

4- Prevents Further Nerve Damage

As nerve damage continues, you are at higher risk for injuries and other complications. If the pain is left untreated, it can become so severe that walking or standing becomes difficult. Limping or walking with a cane is not only painful, but it can also lead to further nerve damage and injury of the feet and legs. Your nerves may also lose the ability to repair themselves if left untreated, which can lead to permanent nerve damage and loss of feeling in your hands and feet.

5- Prevents Other Health Problems

Peripheral neuropathy is a symptom of other health conditions and diseases. Along with the pain and numbness caused by peripheral neuropathy, these conditions can contribute to serious cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, impaired breathing, and even cardiac arrest. You can prevent these conditions and live a happier, more comfortable life by getting prompt treatment for peripheral neuropathy.

6- Helps to Preserve Your Quality of Life

It’s important to treat peripheral neuropathy as soon as possible because it can affect your quality of life in ways you might not expect. The pain and numbness that come with the condition make daily tasks difficult, but it can cause depression and anxiety. Not only do you need to get treatment for peripheral neuropathy, but it’s important to maintain a good quality of life after the condition is treated by getting routine checkups with your doctor, exercising regularly, and eating nutritious foods.

The six key reasons not to let peripheral neuropathy go untreated are simple: early treatment of this condition prevents long term damage, reduces the risk of injury, decreases the risk of infection in your feet, prevents further nerve damage, helps to preserve your quality of life by preventing other health conditions and making sure you stay active and healthy, and ensures that you can do the day-to-day things that matter.

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