4 Care Tips for Keeping Your Wig in Pristine Condition

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Both synthetic and human hair wigs can be investment pieces in your wardrobe. Nothing is quite as exciting as getting a brand-new wig to change your style. While it’s fun to own wigs, you’ll also want to know how to take care of them to keep them looking as nice as possible.

Don’t Brush Too Much and Be Careful When Washing

Synthetic wigs typically come to you as pre-styled units. There is no need to curl or straighten them. With this being said, it is often not necessary to overly brush these kinds of wigs. Brushing them too much can lead to the fibers of the wigs breaking down prematurely. Be gentle with your brushing techniques as well. Attempt to lightly brush or comb out any tangles. The rougher you are brushing the wig, the more damage and frizz you’re going to create.

Human hair wigs can typically stand up to regular shampoos and conditioners, but you’ll want to use specifically designed hair products when you are wearing a synthetic wig. There are products on the market that are customized for synthetic units.

If you do choose to use regular shampoos and conditioners on your synthetic units, keep in mind that you may be causing irreparable damage to the wigs. Such products are not designed to correctly coat and wash out of synthetic strands of hair.

Watch the Weather

If you are trying to keep a human hair wig in a particular style, keep in mind that wearing it out on a humid day may cause style loss. Humidity can definitely affect how long your human hair wig keeps its style.

If you opt for synthetic styles, be aware that heavy winds can tangle the wigs. This can make the units exceedingly difficult to brush through. If you are wearing a synthetic wig on a windy day, you may consider putting it back in a ponytail or creating an updo so that the hair doesn’t get much of a chance to be tangled by windy conditions.

Don’t Wear the Wig to Bed

Although some people choose to wear their wig to bed, it is not a good idea. Just lying on a pillow with a wig on all night can be enough to tangle and create matting in the back of the unit, often toward the nape. This tangling can be very difficult to remove. It is even worse to remove the tangling if you happen to toss and turn all night while you’re sleeping.

It is always best practice to remove your wig before you retire to bed for the evening. This is healthy for both the wig and for your natural hair and/or scalp. It gives your scalp a chance to breathe while you’re resting.

Get a Wig Stand

One of the causes of damage and tangling to wigs is units not being properly cared for when not wearing them. Every wig you own should be placed on a wig stand when it isn’t in use. There are foam stands available as well as plastic types. Storing your wigs properly can save the units from a lot of damage.

Beautiful wigs can stay looking good for long periods of time. Just following a few basic principles can help ensure your wigs stay styled and tangle free.

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