What Are The Benefits of Sew In Extensions?

Sew In Extensions

Hair extensions give an amazing final result and there are many ways which this can be done. One of the best ways that we have seen in recent years is the sew in method which seeks to stitch the hair to a base which is added first to the head. The results of this methods are far superior to any other methods which we have seen and women all over the world are looking get weaves and cornrows added using this incredible approach. There are so many benefits which you can count now hen you opt for this approach and these are just a few examples of what you can expect.

Strength of the Hair and the Connection

Because of the fact that the extension is stitched into the hair it provides strength which no other hair extension is able to provide. This makes caring for the hair such as brushing or ironing much easier and far less of a risk than it is when using other extensions. There is always the risk of hair getting caught and pulled which is why this is such a great option because it is very difficult to do damage to the hair once it has been sewn in.

Improved Consistency

A common complaint which so many women have is that the extension or the placement of the extension is inconsistent with the rest of the hair, this is a thing of the past with the sew in method. Because of the fact that small amounts of hair are slowly added, the hairdresser can ensure an even covering and a weave which looks exactly like the rest of the hair. To say that the extensions are not noticeable would be an understatement because unless you see the person day in and day out, you would not have a clue that the hair has extensions added in.

Absolutely No Damage

There are many extensions which have clips and glue that just damages the natural hair and that is something which so many customers hate, because it means that they have to rely on extensions longer term owing to the damage which has been done. This is not the case with sew in extensions because they cause absolutely zero damage to the real hair.

Improved Texture

Because real human hair is used here the texture of the finish is amazing and that is another reason why this type of hair looks so natural. Only the fines quality is picked for this and that means that customers can rely on natural and impressive results.

If you are looking for hair extensions which work for you and look great in a weave, a braid or a cornrow, there is no better option out there on the market for you that the sew in method and this is what you should be looking out for. The cost is a  little higher than with many methods, but it is more than worthwhile.


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