7 Essential Tips For Ordering Screen Printed T-Shirts For A Group

Screen printed custom t-shirts

Screen printed custom t-shirts are a great way to foster team solidarity, but there are certain pitfalls which can make the process far more stressful and frustrating than it needs to be. Consider these helpful tips to streamline the process and make it a pleasant one from start to finish.

1) Consider Your Message – What Do You Want Your Shirts To Say?

This question does not simply refer to the literal words printed on the fabric, but the way you want to present your group to your community. Are you going for an element of fun and excitement? Then bright colors would likely be best. Do you want to evoke a sense of class and sophistication? Perhaps consider more muted tones, and elegant fonts.

2) Consider Your Group’s Activities

What is your group going to be doing while wearing the shirts? Passing out fliers, or flagging down traffic to your fundraiser car wash? Consider bright, eye-catching colors and a comfortable, flexible style that won’t be a hindrance to their hard work. Are the shirts for the staff at your trendy new cafe or boutique? Understated tones with a clear logo would probably be preferable.

3) Consider Group Preferences

Plenty of different t-shirt styles are available, with varying options when it comes to neckline and sleeve-length and the cut of the shirt’s body. While you certainly can’t please everyone all of the time, it’s a good idea to take into consideration the group’s preferences on these choices. Offer a variety of options to team members so that they can feel comfortable in the shirts while still reflecting group solidarity.

4) Consider Sizing

You should be aware that some brands tend to run larger or smaller than standard sizes. A large or a small is not the same for every company. You should inquire before ordering and perhaps request samples so that you can help your team select the best sizes for them.

5) Consider Cost

Be aware that XL sizes can often incur extra costs. Be sure to take into consideration pricing, especially in a scenario where your team members are buying the shirts themselves. Don’t make a tone-deaf choice for the group which might attach negative feelings to something that is meant to boost camaraderie and closeness. If you order shirts that your group cannot afford, the effects will be counterproductive to your goals.

6) Consider Shipping/Receiving

Perhaps someone will be picking up your shirts at the printers – but most likely they will be shipped to you. Take into consideration various shipping options, and be sure that your delivery will not be left out to the weather and elements. It could be quite a disappointment to receive your shirts only to find that they’ve been damaged before anyone ever got the chance to wear them.

7) Consider Washin

Depending on your situation, a good idea may be to wash the shirts before delivering them. This could prevent shrinkage and fading after the team members receive them. this will make sure they’re good to go before handing them out, and avoid any wash out of dyes and colors onto other laundry.

Screen printed custom t-shirts for your group can be a great way to foster unity, and these simple tips will help make the process as painless and stress-free as possible.

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