What You Should Know About Getting Married in Denmark

0 08 12 2020

Every wedding has a unique approach based on custom and tradition. In fact, these things are prevalent everywhere, and it’s quite interesting to know that Denmark has numerous practices that aren’t too popular. For those married in Denmark, they hold on to ancient traditions and beliefs.

According to, there are a few cultural activities most couple don’t practice because they are considered as an old tale. If you’re a foreigner, and you’ll love to know the interesting fact about a Danish wedding, then you are on the right page on the internet. Who knows, you may find yourself a Danish bride or groom afterward.

The Couple’s First Dance

The Danish couple’s first dance is always a memorable one, and it takes place at exactly 12 am. The guest gathers in a circle, and the couple stays in the middle. In the Danish culture, this demonstrates the happiness of the newly married couple. After the dance, the guest and family of the groom cut a piece of his tie and the toe part of his sock.

Party without Kids

Traditionally, a danish wedding takes place in the church, then the couple and guest move to the reception venue. Most of the reception occurs in a town hall, and guests are expected to attend the party without kids. It is a common practice in Denmark.

The Kiss

As the wedding tradition would have it, apart from the couple kiss, there is a mandatory kiss before the couple retires to their home. When the bride leaves to change her clothing, women queue to kiss the groom, on the other hand, when the groom leaves, the men in the party stay in an organized line to kiss the bride. The kiss is mainly done on the cheek. So, if you plan to attend any Danish wedding, prepare yourself for a kiss.


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