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How to sport herringbone flooring in your home?

herringbone flooring

Interior design trends change continuously and keeping up with these changing trends can be quite a task. If you are someone who likes to upgrade their home interiors according to the latest trends then you must be familiar with the tough and tiring decision making progress. The process involves laying out a floor plan, changing the home decor, and upgrading the flooring. And then there is the choice of home decor to be classical, modern, minimalistic, or contemporary.

With so many options it is easy to get bewildered for anyone. Also, it is very plausible that you start off with a contemporary set up in your mind but midway through your home decor installation you realize that a classical style is much more suitable for your interiors. For such reasons you need wooden flooring that is apt for any style you choose for your interiors.

Herringbone is one such flooring option that encompasses every aspect and detail of every style. It goes well with any and every kind of interior. It gives a beautiful and accentuated look to your interiors.

Home renovations speak for your taste and style. Home renovations must be classy and elegant as well as they must also be convenient for the residents of the home. After all it is not very convenient if the interior of the home is just all show and serves no real purpose of utility. So you must be comfortable with the styling and design aspects of your home. Herringbone can solve this for you. It is a very useful flooring material.

Herringbone flooring comes in different colours and hues. This flooring option has colour options that range from the lighter tones to the darker tones. Some of the lighter tones are useful in creating a minimalistic modern interior look while the darker hues are leveraged for the more classical looks. As it was first introduced in the 16th century the proximity of herringbone flooring with the classical look is very good.

The flooring can be laid in a straight cut out manner or can be laid out in a zig-zag manner to form a parquet design. It can be used to make different geometric patterns that altogether make a great design.

There are a number of ways in which herringbone flooring can be styled in your home interiors. Here are those ways:

The combination of Herringbone flooring and grey colour is one of the top trending and hottest trends in the interior design market. The grey wood flooring laid out in a herringbone pattern is an attention-grabbing and versatile choice for the homeowners who want to create a beautiful floor pattern. This perfect combination of the colour and pattern ticks all the right boxes of the floor design. Herringbone design on an engineered grey wood gives you the authentic look and feel of a wooden interior. This kind of flooring is very practical also as it serves best for underfloor heating purposes.

  • Goes well with velvet

If you are into sheer luxury and gripping dark tones then you might want to consider herringbone for your interiors. It goes well with most of the styles but it is exceptionally radiant and compliments well the velvet upholstery. The darker hues of the velvet upholstery go well with the natural tones of the herringbone flooring.

  • Double up

You can try herringbone on herringbone. It is unique and gives a very different and classy look to your floor design. The herringbone is not only limited to floor designs. You can also use it on your tables. Just make sure that the design pattern on your furniture and table matches with the floor pattern or else herringbone on herringbone will look very odd and absurd.

  • Change the colours

If you are totally in awe of herringbone and can not get enough of the pattern then you can play around the colours also. You can pick two different shades of wooden flooring and set them in and across each making a zig-zag pattern or simply lay them out in a straight fashion. When The light will fall on the floor it will be an amazing play of light and dark on the room floor.

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