How to Make a Youtube Outro in Layman Language?


You can break down a good YouTube video into three parts – the introduction, the actual content, and the outro. The outro contains all the information about your brand, your links to other videos and pages, and the subscribe option. Some pages have graphics roll out with the content, some use people to advertise the brand, and some have static content. The crux of all these videos is the same – that you follow them and view their future content.

Good Outro Elements

  1. Identify your goal

Before you start designing the outro, you need to pinpoint why you need the outro. As a result, you know what content to add to the outro. Do you want more followers and views? Then you need to add the subscribe button. Do you want them to buy the product you’re advertising? Then you need to add the website link. So jot down the goals of the video and then add only that into the outro. For making amazing outro within minutes, use InVideo’s outro maker.

  1. Clean design

The outro has to hit the nail on the head. Simple, clean, and bold content makes this possible. Channel the viewers focus on the data you want them to act on. Make the rest of the screen clutter-free. Whitespace is a positive tool when designing this part of the video. Select icons for the “like, subscribe, share” segment, make the website links pop, and make sure your logo and brand colors are clean and bright.

  1. Time is key

The outro should neither be too short nor too long. If it runs by quickly, then the viewer will not process the information. If it drags on, they will lose interest and jump to the next video. A common mistake is using less than five seconds for the outro so that the main video has more time. An average of eight seconds allows for the content to be read and acted on. So use these eight seconds wisely.

  1. Consistent templates

If you have a brand or a YouTube channel, then all your outros need to be consistent. This subconsciously makes the viewer relate the outro with the brand. It also makes your job easier. Depending on the goals of the video, you need to do a few tweaks to the template and update the links. All popular YouTube personalities have the same outro for all their videos. Consistency builds trust and gives you a good reputation with followers.


The best way to create a good outro is by using websites that have templates. Unless you have a good background in software, it can be technologically daunting to design an outro from scratch. This is why we’ve listed our top websites to design the best outro for your YouTube channel. They are easy to use, come with customizable presets, and are quick to learn and use. Plus, they have multiple base templates, so no two outros will look the same.

  1. InVideo

InVideo is the preferred YouTube video editor of the masses. In five minutes, you can walk away with the outro of your dreams. Drag and drop your selections, look at trial videos to understand the workflow, and customize the video to suit the brand language.


Snappa is a good website for designing the outdoors. The templates are classy, simple, and ensure that your content stands out. The interface is user-friendly and the tools offered are immense. The time taken to make the outro is less, while the final result is high quality. They offer a lot of content to select from, should you not have material of your own.


The web browser PlaceIt leads the way in making YouTube outros. The page offers catchy graphics, simple animations, and multiple stock images – and with a few clicks, your outro is ready. The templates are a great starting place and can be modified to suit your outro needs. The overall process is quick and simple on this webpage.

If you understand the importance of an outro and practice making a few samples with these tips and techniques – then you are ready to make the final product. Remember to keep it short and catchy – don’t let the audience’s attention waver. Use the websites to their maximum potential to get professional end products. Sit back and watch your followers grow, and your brand succeed.

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