6 Special Gifts To Give During Volunteer Appreciation Week

Volunteer Appreciation Week

Kind, compassionate individuals who give selflessly are the backbone of your volunteer organization. Day after day, these tireless givers show up, get the job done, and enrich your business or institution in wonderful and innovative ways. Words of praise and thanks given to these people are always appreciated, but sometimes it’s nice to receive a token of thanks in exchange for hours of selfless service.

When we think about how to honor our valued volunteers, we don’t want our gifts to end up in the trash or on a shelf; how do we give gifts that are meaningful ways to commemorate your special relationship?

A little forethought and preplanning will make your volunteer appreciation week one that all will remember with fondness. Read on for some truly unique and special gifts that your tribe will cherish for years to come.

1. Customized Candles

If you have a vinyl cutting machine, consider cutting some vinyl for a customized candle holder. Place favorite scents, a beautiful ribbon, and a message of thankfulness and care on the front of each. Every time they light up this beautiful gift, they’ll think of all the wonderful and warm memories they’ve made working for your organization.

2. Stainless Steel Thermos

A volunteer group working as hard as yours has to stay hydrated, don’t they? Whether their hydrating beverage of choice is coffee, tea, or water, show them that you care about their well-being by handing out beautiful and functional stainless steel thermoses. This practical gift will keep their favorite beverages hot or cold for hours, giving them the energy they need to tackle your most important tasks.

3. Spa Baskets

Simple personal care items such as bath salts, soap, lotion can all be beautifully packaged up in baskets, giving your volunteers the message that their self-care and well-being are important to you. Keep scents neutral, and arrange a nice display in the workroom where volunteers can choose their favorites.

4. Custom Ornaments

Enrich the holidays for your valued employees with the gift of a customized ornament with your organization’s name and logo. A message of thanks will round out beautifully etched gifts of glass and metal, adding an element of festivity and cheer to any tree or holiday display that they adorn.

5. Potted Herbs and Plants

It may be “thyme” to show your volunteers that you appreciate them with the practical gift that keeps on giving. Aromatic herbs, spices, and other simple potted plants add beauty to a home and enhance cooking efforts in the kitchen. A clever customized tag is the perfect adornment for lush green beauty.

6. An Impromptu Party

What better way to round out volunteer appreciation week than with an impromptu breakfast or lunch party? Bring in pastries and coffee to start the day right, and round out the workday with some on-the-go appetizers that volunteers can grab and go as they work. If you really want to spice things up, bring in a Mexican buffet from a local restaurant and have all the fixings ready for a lunchtime fiesta. Volunteers will appreciate the thoughtful gesture, and they’ll be all fueled up and ready to go for their next task.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any successful organization; without them, we would not be as successful with our day-to-day operations and initiatives. Let’s celebrate them with these special gifts and events that show them just how special they are.

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