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How To Clean A Leather Couch

Clean Leather Couch

Leather couches add so much class and comfort to a home. In addition, leather ages beautifully if you clean it properly. However, keeping a leather couch clean can be challenging if you don’t know what to do. So if you’re asking yourself how to clean a leather couch, this article is for you.

Vacuum Your Leather Couch

The first thing to do is to vacuum the leather sofa, taking care to remove all pillows and throws, as well as any items in the back and sides of the couch that shouldn’t be in the couch and which you’t want to get vacuumed. You don’t want your vacuum cleaner to scratch the leather, so you should use the brush attachment with the vacuum cleaner.

Make sure you vacuum away all the crumbs, dust and debris in the leather couch. Use the crevice feature to more effectively vacuum the edges and seams of your couch. Vacuum the cushions as well.

Wipe It Down

After vacuuming, you should wipe your leather couch down. First, check the manufacturer’s instructions to see what the guidelines of wiping the couch are. Generally, manufacturers will place a W, S, or P, or SW or WS or X label to tell owners how to wipe their leather couches. A W tells you to use a water-based cleaner. An S or P tells you dry clean only. An SW or WS tells you to use a water-based detergent, solvent cleaner or steam cleaner. An X tells you that you should not use water or any detergent, instead, you should get a professional to clean the leather couch.

The typical leather couch is made with finished leather, so you should use a mildly damp and not wet cloth.

Use a Leather Cleaner Clean the Couch

Leather couches can usually be cleaned with a leather cleaner. Use it with a soft cloth free of any lint. Before starting, test the leather cleaner on a small spot to see what the effect is on the leather. Don’t drown the leather couch in leather cleaner. All you have to do is get a cloth moist with a cleaner and then apply gently, repeating the process until your couch has that clean, wonderful look of leather recliners made in the USA.

Condition the Leather Couch

Leather furniture conditioners are essential for cleaning leather couches. These are so important for protecting your leather couch over time.

Again, before getting a leather condition, you should first check with the manufacturer’s guidelines to see what kind of conditioner fits with your couch. If your couch happens to be very old, you may have to repair it to get it back to its old self.

Call a Professional

If, having done all of this, your leather couch still looks dirty, then you have a big problem on your hands and unfortunately, the only way that gets resolved is if you take it to a professional for cleaning.
I know you will get tempted to try and scrub your couch, but trust me, this will be a huge mistake. At this point, it’s time to give up and hand the job over to professionals.

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