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Five Practical Tips to Increase the Value of your Home Before Selling it


The year presents good prospects for the housing market:

During 2018 the sale of houses is expected to increase between 5% and 7%. This is good news for all owners who want to transfer property, although to close the operation it is advisable to give a ‘face wash’ to the home with Real Estate Newcastle.

To convince buyers, not only the location, the state of the building, the surface of the property, the orientation and the price are enough. Remember that first impressions are key and that a small investment to rehabilitate the house can raise the appraised value by an additional 10% to the cost of the reform, in addition to reducing the sale time.

According to a report prepared by the Cassata portal, it is advisable to renovate the kitchen, bathrooms, floors and windows, take care of the first impression and bet on energy efficiency. We summarize five practical tips of Real Estate Newcastle.

1. Gain meters without expanding

One of the most valued aspects when looking for housing is the space and the number of rooms. Therefore, measures such as throwing partitions, removing or adding rooms, getting rid of too long corridors, or placing furniture in such a way that they provide a feeling of spaciousness will turn each useful meter into a truly usable space.

2. Take care of first impressions

According to experts, the future buyer decides on a home for the first seven seconds, so the first impression should be impeccable:

Rooms freshly painted in neutral colors, storage spaces, modern decor, careful lighting with bulbs that give more light or provide clear shades, windows with curtains and open shutters, cleanliness and order, change the switches … Betting on wood when decorating the home will give the rooms more warmth and, combined with other resources, such as metal, it achieves a modern and industrial touch, very fashionable in today’s decoration.

3. Renovate bathrooms and kitchen

These are the two basic focuses while assessing a home. In the main case, if the property has multiple rooms, it is prescribed to have in any event two restrooms. In this unique circumstance, in spite of the fact that the total update can be an over the top cost, changing the shower window ornament, the mirror, the taps or the latrine top, just as supplanting the bath with a functional shower, will bring a superior picture and more incentive to the last evaluation.

As to kitchen, it is prescribed to redesign components, for example, the floor, tiles or machines (the more effective, the better). In the two cases, it is truly in vogue to paint the tiles, which gives an increasingly reestablished and clean appearance.

4. Improve doors, windows and floors

It is prescribed to supplant the old basic glass windows with others with better acoustic and warm conduct. Twofold coating is, now, one of the most esteemed angles in such manner. In like manner, entryways and inherent closets are the components that endure the most in the home from every day use, making disintegration progressively perceptible. Since supplanting all woodwork can be exorbitant, there is likewise the alternative of changing the handles and rewarding or lacquering them. On account of the floor, it is fitting to finish the surface or wager on its redesign with ground surface, click parquet or impersonation wood or stoneware vinyl’s.

5. Commitment to the environment

More and more future buyers are looking for homes that are committed to the environment, so it will be necessary to consider small changes such as a more efficient boiler or presence detectors for lighting, as well as betting on others with greater investment such as the installation of solar panels, implantation of smart technologies or thermal insulation in walls and windows. According to Cassata, a starting point to consider is the aid for energy improvement in housing offered by the different autonomous communities. In addition to all these points of Real Estate Newcastle make better your life.

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