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4 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Real Estate Company

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If you work in the real estate industry, utilizing social media is a necessity. Social media is how many potential clients will choose which real estate agency to use or which homes to tour so it’s vital for those in the real estate industry to use social media. You can even integrate social media into your real estate website.

1. Grow Your Network

Social media can be a highly impactful marketing tool to grow a real estate company. For years, new real estate agents were taught on day one to reach out to their sphere of influence to generate leads. While that’s still considered a worthy task, digital technology takes networking to a whole new level.

That’s where social media comes in. When you create a professional platform online for the world to see, you’ll reap powerful results. Post virtual showings, announce your new listings, or start a blog. There’re many more ways to attract buyers and sellers. Be creative, keep it relevant, and showcase your best self in an informative and engaging manner.

2. Be the Neighborhood Real Estate Expert on Social Media

Your real estate company likely faces a lot of competition in the community. Bigger isn’t always better in this industry and, even if you run a small business, social media is a great equalizer. Your focus should be to increase your brand awareness and generate more leads to your office. Think of social media as your online signage.

According to the National Association of Realtors, approximately 90% of home buyers use online resources when they’re planning to buy a new home. Social media marketing makes a lasting impression. Make sure that your company name and website address is easy to find on your social media posts. You can soon be attracting followers who are interested in selling or buying a property in your neighborhood.

3. Generate More Leads

Social media is a meaningful way for brokers and agents to instill confidence in their brand. As you interact with your readers, you have the opportunity to build a strong and trusted relationship. Be friendly and accessible and, equally as important, be responsive.

The end goal is to drive more people to your website and generate more leads. Cover a range of topics in your blogs including community news, moving tips, new store openings, or any topic that could be of general interest to your potential client base.

Write up a brief synopsis of your experience, highlight your knowledge of the local real estate market, and share it on social media. To learn more about generating leads via social media, check out

4. Take Advantage of the Power of Videos on Social Media

Any videos you post on social media should be high-quality and professional-looking. A listing without a video or amazing photos of your home listing may very likely get skipped over by the viewer. It’s recommended that you use a photographer to ensure that the property looks its best. You’ll get the best results when you post attention-grabbing videos with the “wow” factor that sells homes faster. For professional photography services that enhance your property’s appeal, consider visiting lunaticconstruction.

Industry sites encourage the use of videos to promote yourself and your reputation. Social media marketing is very cost-effective for your real estate company, and it’s much more affordable than many other marketing strategies.

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