Drowsy driving is dangerous — steps to avoid it at all costs!

Drowsy driving

We often consider ourselves as tough drivers and underestimate important yet powerful factors like sleep! But don’t forget, you are human after all and you need some amount of sleep on a daily basis. And if you are ignoring this basic but important need of your body and choose to drive ahead instead, be aware, the consequences can be life-endangering! Driving is a complex activity that demands you to make essential decisions and actions within a split of a second and missing these due to the drowsy feeling can cost you your life or even someone else’s for that matter!

How to combat drowsy feeling during driving?

If you are ignoring the signs of extreme tiredness and sleepiness like yawning, shutting of eyes involuntarily or having trouble keeping your head up or mind conscious, then you are certainly risking a lot! This isn’t entirely wise and not at all heroic. So, if you think driving constantly for days is cool and trying to overcome sleep is great, then you are highly mistaken. You can actually call this suicide in clear terms and shouldn’t try the same at all. And if you are desperate to reach at a certain destination and are afraid of drowsiness taking over you, then do try the following ways to combat it in the best possible way:

o Don’t drive late at night — No matter how well you slept during the day, nights are naturally soothing and tend to put you to sleep. And if you already have a problem of drowsing during driving, better wait till the sun shines brightly and never ever drive during the night.

o Grab a buddy — No one helps than a best friend! If you think you will start drowsing during your journey, then better bribe your friend with a cake and take him/her along with you to drive. The chats, the encouragement, and the help you’ll get will prevent that drowsiness for sure.

o Have some caffeine —We know caffeine isn’t actually good for your health, but when it comes to keeping your eyes open during a drive, they work wonders! Just have them before you set off to drive or take a break in between to have it, but have your dose of caffeine and prevent that drowsiness at all costs.

o Try napping before you set off — Napping before the journey always helps. Even if you haven’t received much sleep before, when you take a nap before going out, you are actually quite fresh and don’t feel the drowsiness all through the journey.

o Take rest between the drive — Sometimes constant driving is what makes you feel sleepy. That’s why if you take a break between your journey to freshen up a bit, you won’t feel much sleepy later. You can nap, have some food, or just stroll around to lighten your muscles and then regain the energy to drive.

o Never drink and drive — Sometimes drowsiness isn’t due to lack of sleep, but it’s because you consumed alcohol before your journey or even had some medicines that contained it. This leads to extreme drowsiness while you drive. We are sure, you were instructed very clearly by Just Pass Driving Academy, the best driving school in Birmingham, about the dangers of driving under such a spell. Their trainers make it a point to let you know each and everything about driving and this also includes educating you about the potential dangers while on the road.

Driving is a responsibility. And if you aren’t carrying your responsibility well because of this drowsy feeling, you surely need a reality check and effective tips.

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