Dino Tomassetti – The Importance of Building Code

Dino Tomassetti - The Importance of Building Code 1

No matter whether you are looking to build a property on a piece of land, a garage, a carport or any other structure on your property, the very fact that you own the land is not enough for you to get the green light to start building. Throughout the world there are varying levels of building code which must always be adhered to and if you do not then you are going to have a very difficult time indeed.

Building code is in place for a number of reasons, sometimes to protect the environment, sometimes to ensure that fellow residents have the bets living experience and sometimes they are in place to respect a certain culture or history. Today we have Dino Tomassetti with us, construction expert, to talk about exactly why building code is important. for anyone who has construction plans.

Risks of Failure to Adhere

Those who do not adhere to building code fall into 2 different categories, there are those who genuinely do not know that they had to get this checked out first, those who build a garage for example, and there are those who simply disobey what they are supposed to do. The initial thinking of these latter folk is that nothing is going to happen, and that may be true for some, at east temporarily. The reality however is that this will be noticed and there will be inspectors out to check whether or not building code has been followed. If it has not been followed then they are well within their rights to fine you until it has been fixed, or indeed take it further. If you continuously refuse to adhere to building code then you will be taken to court at great expense, you will be forced to bring the structure down and you may also face criminal charges.

Those who simply didn’t know will have to pay some extra money to fix the issue, but criminal charges are unlikely to be brought.


In the large majority of cases building code is there for safety reasons, in order to avoid things like fires, floods and electrical failures. This is why those who ignore the code are foolish, because not only are they doing something unlawful, but they are also putting people’s lives at risk. Throughout the years within the construction industry we have learned, often because of accidents or deaths, how to construct buildings in a manner which ensures the security and the safety of both the construction worker and those who are going to be living inside the property.

If you are in any doubt abut whether or not your construction plan falls within the building code then you should check with your local government as well as the team which will be carrying out the build. Always make sure that you are fully compliant before you break ground on your new project, failure to do so could ave terrible results.

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