Alan Bohms – Why You Will Love Being a Nature Photographer


I began taking photography seriously around 2 years ago, and I was inspired to step my game up thanks to a video from photographer Alan Bohms. Alan was discussing nature photography and to be honest it was one of the few areas which I had never actually considered. Previously I had been taking snaps of people and of urban landscapes, but this video really inspired me to change themes and to instead focus on the natural world. For me, this is by far and away the most enjoyable aspect of photography and the best theme which I think anyone could pick.

If you do enjoy taking photographs then here is why you will love shooting nature.

New Appreciation

As many of you will know, when that lens is focused, you begin to get a whole new appreciation for detail. This can be said when you are snapping faces and buildings, but in nature this takes on a whole new level. When you actually get out into the wilderness, or when you are snapping images of sunsets, you begin to pick out all of these gorgeous little details which you never would have thought of. Ultimately this brings out an entirely new appreciation for the natural world and I have really fallen in love with so much of the natural scenery around me.

Chance to Get Out

Beyond anything else, this kind of photography offers you the perfect chance to get out of the house and into the wild. This was something which I have been guilty of not doing enough historically, yet thanks to this new way of taking shots, I have had more reason than ever before to indulge in the natural world around me.

The Challenge of Colors

I foolishly believed that because of my experience snapping the urban landscape around me, that I would be able to comfortably deal with various colors that are found in nature. The reason I say foolish is because the broad range of tones and colors in the natural world is far greater than I had ever realized. Even if you are just taking images of local wildlife, the way that the colors of the sky and the foliage vary and move is fascinating and it is truly an art to be able to take these shots in a way that reflects the beauty of what you are looking at. For me this has been one of the greatest challenges, and it is something which really drives me to get back out there and try to improve on what I did the time before.


Nature is full of surprises, no matter where you are or what you are doing, there are unexpected delights to be found around almost every corner. Whether it is an animal which you didn’t anticipate or the way that nature reclaims land and man-made items. The more that you are outside with your camera, the more likely it will be that you find something special.

If you enjoy taking photos, the natural world is the place to do it.

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