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6 Situations When You Need a Plumber


It is common to have plumbing problems in the household. Plumbing problems are not to be ignored as they can cause inconvenience for your family members. It is best if you can get a plumber to fix the plumbing problem as he is experienced and equipped with the right tools. The following are 6 situations when you need to hire a plumber.

  1. Water Heater Malfunctioning

Water heater breaks down is one of the most common household plumbing complaints. Your heater may not be able to produce hot water as a result of a damaged fuse, heating element, and thermostat. Getting a plumber to install the heater will ensure that it runs smoothly. The new heater will be brought to your house as part of the plumbing service so you don’t need to go to the shop to purchase one. He can also help you to dispose of the old water heater.

  1. Frozen Pipe

During the winter, ice can develop on the faucet and pipe causing them to become frozen. Some of the different types of pipes that are susceptible to freezing are water sprinkler, outdoor hoses and plumbing in unheated areas. You can let the pipe thaw on their own but delaying will cause the pipe to develop a big crack and burst. Delaying will result in a major leaking which can damage your furniture and belong in the area. Therefore, you should act fast to hire a plumber to thaw your frozen pipe. To prevent the frozen pipe from developing, you can have your plumber install insulation on your pipe. He can also install sealing on the openings of the doors to the attic and basement.

  1. Blocked Sewer Line

Your sewer line is blocked and you are having a backup problem in your sink. If the sewer line is blocked, some tree roots have likely reached into your drain and create a blockage. It could also be that your drain line has too much grease buildup and other debris that need to be cleared. You can call your plumber to open up the sewer and determine the problem. Your plumber has the tool to easily clear up all the debris that is stuck in the pipe.

  1. Low Water Pressure

A tap that is functioning properly will have water that comes out at high pressure. If the tap water has low pressure, it means that there is debris somewhere in the water line beneath.  It could also be an indication that corrosion has occurred on your waterline. Corrosion of the pipes frequently occurs in older homes where the pipes are made of galvanized steel. You can get your plumber to re-pipe your house with brass pipes which can last for 40 – 70 years. Since rust cannot be seen on the outside, you’ll need a plumber to check it for you.

  1. Leaking Pipe

Leaking pipe is an indication that there are one or more cracks along the pipeline. Leaking pipes can cause flooding problems and increase your utility bill. You should turn off the main water valve and wrap a rubber patch on the spot that is cracked if the pipe is leaking. After that, you can call a plumber to come over and check the pipe. Delaying to fix a leaky pipe can cause damages to your foundation. It also causes tap water to become contaminated.

  1. Faulty Plumbing Fixtures

Faulty plumbing fixtures can prevent your pipe from working properly. For example, the aerator can have limestone and rust build up after some time. A plumber can remove the aerator and clean it for you. Some fixtures can get clogged and a plumber will be able to check them for you. He can clean or replace the fixture if necessary.

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