6 Most Common Car Issues

Car Issues

Although contemporary cars can easily go about 5000-7500 miles without an oil change, 12000 miles with the same air filters, have lubricated suspensions that can last the whole life of the car among other things that make a modern car extremely efficient and safer than anything the previous generation had access to. At times, however, issues do arise and are inevitable. Maintenance, routine servicing, and proper caring are necessary to ensure the long life of the vehicle.

Here’s a list of ten most common problems (in no particular order) car owners face.

  1. Flat tires – Flat tires can be the result of being punctured, striking an object on road, or of wear and tear and accumulated damage over time. Uneven tire wear can cause flat tires and is a safety concern as well. Having your wheels aligned regularly and rotating your tires every 5000 miles can even out the wearing.
  2. The engine won’t start (due to a dead battery ) – It’s either taking too long to start or simply won’t start. This could be due to several underlying reasons but mostly the culprit is a dead battery.
  3. Worn out Brake Pads – Brakes naturally wear down over time and this is a serious safety concern. It is better to find out the state of your brake system (squeaky/noisy brakes are bad signs) before it’s out on the road to avoid any mishaps. This is why regular maintenance and routine checkups are essential.
  4. Overheating Issues – Most modern cars have complex cooling systems and it is easy to reduce the potential for overheating problems. Most often, the problem is resolved by providing more coolant to your car. However, if leaks or faulty hoses are the cause of the depleted coolant, adding more coolant is useless. Overheating can also be because of issues with the radiator so staying on top of radiator flushes and replacing the water pump before it breaks is a good idea.
  5. Faulty air conditioner – This usually happens when there is no refrigerant left in your system. If there are no leaks in the system, adding refrigerant is generally an easy task. However, if you’re not sure, hiring a professional for the job is good.
  6. Shaky Steering Wheel – An unstable steering wheel may be due to an issue with wheel bearings or suspension components. If the problems occur at higher speeds, the issue is most likely with the alignment/balance of wheels/tires. Hiring a professional mechanic to inspect the vehicle would be wise.

Issues that seem minor (cheaper to fix) at the time can grow into serious problems (costly repairs) if ignored. A dead battery or a flat tire can leave you stranded if not caught early on. In case of emergency, Contact car wreckers Adelaide for towing services.

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