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5 Uses of a Fire Blanket Everyone Should Know About

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Having a fire break out in a building is an emergency situation, no matter how small. It should be taken care of at the earliest onset. However, the methods or tools that most homes or workplaces are equipped with may only include water buckets and fire extinguishers. However, fire blankets can be better at taking care of fire situations and help people out of smoke or fire safely. This easy-to-handle tool for extinguishing small fires or safeguarding a person stuck in a fire can be effortless to install. 

Hence it is important always to have this flame retardant blanket handy in workplaces and homes as well due to the following uses:

Deal With Kitchen Fires

Kitchens are the most fire-prone places and should be equipped with useful tools and emergency plans. Flames can arise on overused oil fry pans or saucepans, whether inside homes or food-producing sites. This happening can make for some really dangerous turn of events, and if the oil is surplus, taking care of the situation can become difficult to control. However, a fire blanket can help in this area and can be used to cover up the fired-up fry pan or oil utensil. However, precaution should be taken to protect hands and the other regions of your skin when getting close to the pan and lay the blanket with accurate measurements. 

Protect a Person from Flames

A fire blanket is an apparatus that, when laid on the fire, can help put it out by absorbing oxygen from it. As the name gives, this cover helps evade fire, not just of low class but any intensity. Thus when a fire breaks out, it can be best used to protect a person with a fire blanket who catches fire or is susceptible to it. This may be the best solution to protect a burning person and take care of their injuries as fast as possible. Wrap this cover around the person’s clothes carefully and don’t come in direct contact with the fire itself. Help the person roll on the ground with the blanket on to get rid of the flames completely. 

Precludes Dangerous Substance Spills

Several factories and industrial areas tend to work with toxic and dangerous heated chemicals and apparatuses which can spill from time to time and affect different areas and people in the building, causing fire and other hazardous counter affects. Having fire blankets ready for these instances can be ideal and help take care of these situations before they can turn into calamitous conditions. In an instant, the substance spills, the situation can get out of hand quickly; hence it’s best to handle it as soon as possible, covering the leak. It can be used and should be installed in factories and houses with kitchens, oil centers, laboratories, cars, etc. Also, it should be replaced after every full use of taking down the fire.

Block Smoke

Not only does the fire cause intense heat when it breaks out, but it also becomes hard to breathe with the smoke it lets out. If a person gets trapped in a room with the fire on the other side, they can soon pass out from suffocation. The fire blanket can be a safe apparatus in this fashion as it can be a protective shield from fire and smoke as one needs to make way from a fire-filled room and evade smoke as well. As long as you have a fire blanket on, you can easily pass a fiery room without getting burnt and affected by the smoke. Just make sure to cover up thoroughly and run as fast as possible. 

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