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5 Reasons to Use Professionals for Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

After experiencing fire damage in your home or business, it is difficult to begin picking up the pieces. Direct damage from the fire and secondhand issues caused by smoke and soot can feel devastating when it comes to replacing or restoring your property. You may consider performing the cleaning and restoration yourself to save money. In the long run, the benefits of relying on professionals to perform restoration work are clear as do-it-yourself solutions can cause long-term harm. Here are some things to consider when deciding how to handle fire damage.

1- Health & Safety

While smoke inhalation is a well-known risk of fires, property owners may not know that soot and other dangerous particles remain in the air long after the fire is extinguished. They may enter the home before it is safe to do so or may unknowingly engage in activities that increase the number of soot particles in the air. Professionals have the most up-to-date knowledge for neutralizing these risks and wear the proper protective equipment until the air becomes safe to breathe.

2- Structural Damage

A professional restoration company will be on the lookout for deeper issues caused by the fire like structural or electrical damage. These factors can lead to further injury if they are not identified and addressed promptly. After evaluating your home for deeper damage, the restoration professionals can either perform the work to correct the issues or refer you to other specialists.

3- Specialized Knowledge

One disadvantage to cleaning fire damage on your own is a lack of specialized knowledge. Property owners may throw things away that could be saved or restored, leading to the extra cost of replacing furniture or clothing that could be saved with the proper treatment. Without the experience and training of a professional, folks may cause further damage by doing things like washing smoke-damaged clothing in a washing machine, which can ruin the appliance and future loads of clothing.

4- Expensive Equipment

The depth of fire or smoke damage to property and possessions will usually take more than household cleaners and equipment to restore. HEPA vacuums, commercial drying equipment, and powerful odor control chemicals are just a few examples of the specialized components used by restoration professionals. These items can be difficult or expensive to obtain and require training to use safely and effectively.

5- Insurance Eligibility

Most home and business insurance cover all or part of the cost of fire damage restoration. Take advantage of this benefit to hire a company that will safely and thoroughly restore your property. Additionally, professional restoration companies have their own insurance that covers numerous unexpected circumstances and outcomes. When you attempt restoration on your own, you lose the benefits and the safety net of insurance. If you cause further damage or harm, you will be responsible for those costs.

Ultimately, the process of restoring a home or property by yourself can be a complex and dangerous process. Hiring a reputable restoration company to repair fire damage will save time, money, and potentially your health.

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