Top 6 NBA Streams Reddit Alternatives to Watch NBA Online

NBA Streams Reddit

What is NBA Streams Reddit?

NBA stands for National Basketball Association and NBA Streams is a subreddit page to NBA community under URL nbastreams. The subreddit community having up to 400,000 subscribers talk to each other about basketball. Most of the users use this page as the mean to access or share links to unlawful NBA free streams live online. Whenever the NBA game is going on, all the subscribers post directly to enjoy free NBA online. All the quality streaming such as 1080, 720, 480 was accessible on this page. Certainly, it is unlawful and painful for the companies who bought its broadcasting rights.

What Happened to NBA Streams Reddit?

NBA Reddit took an upsetting decision against its users. After banning CricketStreams, SoccerStreams, Reddit MmaStreams page, subreddit of the NBA community /r/nbastreams has also been taken down. Links streaming is quite difficult to take down. As a result, the authorities passed copyright notice as opposed to reddit nbastreams to avoid sharing the streaming links. A funny fact is that two other popular streaming subreddits are still active. We also don’t support streaming copyright content without permission but if the NBA broadcasters provide the matches without blackouts at reasonable prices, many people visiting nba-streams subreddit would avoid streaming. While for nbareddit lovers the r nbastreams reddit tv was the best service to find working/live links to NBA matches.

Will the Reddit Stream NBA Come Back?

It is doubtful that the Reddit NBA Streams will be ever back but probably the team behind it will launch some other place where one can find all the links of NBA matches live. Some of the Reddit movie streams users believe that the mods have made the backup site three months before this incident. If it is the case, we should have to wait untill the next season. If it is a new website it will under the radar. The site could not keep secrecy and it is the second reason for the subreddit going down.

What are the Best Alternatives to Reddit Streams NBA?

People would be thinking about the best alternative websites to NBA Reddit Stream. So the NBA lovers need not worry about it because there are a few alternatives that they can use instead of the former subreddit.

Discord Channel

Discord reddit is a chat app that is freeware available for mobile and computers. It is the fine nba stream reddit alternative. You can utilize this web app and it will perform with all devices that support a browser. By using this channel’s server, one can share images, text, links, and videos with other members of real-time. Its team knew that it will be taken down soon. As a result, they have started the discord channel earlier than the NBA Streams Reddit take down. In the welcome note of discord channel, one can read the message in which the visitors are being welcomed and informed that they are on the right platform for basketball discussion and they will be provided the ultimate basketball experience. You will surely get here what you wish to watch. There are public rooms for its visitors to discuss the match for 30 minutes earlier than the match start and after the match finish. New channels open before every match and you will get all the links here.

Livetv is the streaming site for all type of sports such as hockey, football, tennis, basketball, football, cricket, etc. It is a great nba reddit streams alternative. This site covers all the tournaments around the world. It provides Peer 2 Peer technological facility for sports streaming amid millions of users. There is a comment section so that you can share your own links to other people. You need to create an account on the site to access this comment section. It not only offers live sports streaming but offers highlights from the latest games as well. In addition, it displays the scores of all matches so that you can get each and every information about your favorite game.

Mobdro App

Mobdro is one of the best application to stream your beloved game live for free. The app offers videos of games from all over the world and put it in one platform. All the ardent lovers of NBA reddit live stream are upset due to the site of NBA Streams Reddit taken down. We will say them not to worry about it. You should Install Mobdro app to watch all the NBA live reddit games. But the problem is that Mobdro unavailable in all the Asian countries such as you may encounter Geo-restrictions in most Asian countries. In this situation, you are needed to connect a good VPN service and enjoy your favorite game. If you are having a fast internet connection, you can experience the streaming of multiple channels on the app without interruption.

 Live NetTV

Are you in search of an app having various live TV channels? If yes then the Live NetTV is a great service for you because it is s fine alternative to nba live streams reddit. The app is a most popular streaming app that includes Sports, TV shows, And Movies. It is safe and you can easily use the app. Most online apps contain various malware that can affect your device. While these apps ask permission about things usually not needed for other functionality. Other live-streaming apps require access contact that is not actually required for streaming channels but this is not done with Live NetTV App. The app asks only for those things which are needed for the performance of the app for the users can enjoy the great streaming experience. The app contains more than 8 hundred TV channels including TV shows, Movies, Live Sports, Entertainment, and programs from 20 plus countries. It is compatible with all the Android System using devices.

Sport TV APK

As the name indicates, Sports TV APK is a great app for sports lovers. It targets almost all famous sports such as Cricket, Football, NBA, and many other famous games. It is quite simple to use. The app doesn’t ask for great skills to utilize it. So if you don’t know much things about different apps, then you can easily use Sports TV APK. It offers matches through various channels for you can enjoy the great streaming experience. If you cannot see the match but you want to know all the things about the match then the app provides the live score and all the updates of the live game. You are not required to install any external player for love streaming because Sports TV App already has a built-in video player which is sufficient for smooth streaming. The app contains many ultra HD channels that are available in a click.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is an all in one streaming app, includes TV shows, Movies, Live Sports, and many other channels. The app regularly updates the channels for you don’t face any difficulty to view any channel. It offers thousands of channels without any charge and provides a great experience. You have to install video players such as VLC, MX player or any others you like for live streaming. The app presents all the HD channels for better user experience. The developers of this app keep on checking its performance regularly and if they detect any bug they fix it instantly to prevent you from any type of difficulty. You may find multiple channels on the app that stream the same thing for the convenience of users if a channel stops working, users can move on other channels without missing any moment of the game. You have to install this unique app from a valid source and start enjoying your favorite game live.


There are many sites or services to watch live NBA games on your PC and mobile. One cannot list those sites at the same time. We have covered only 6 sites where you can watch your favorite games live online for free. One thing you should keep in mind while streaming is to use a VPN. The VPN helps you keep your identity secure and safe. You even can access most blocked websites as well. We hope you found what you were searching for to enjoy your favorite sports live online for free without irritation.

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