Stomach cancer treatment in Germany


Stomach cancer treatment in Germany is the key to successful recovery due to the use of modern medical technologies by highly qualified specialists. Germany is one of the world leaders in the treatment of oncological diseases, including in the field of treatment of gastric cancer. German hospitals offer conventional and robotic surgeries, different irradiation modalities, as well as all types of systemic drugs (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy).

Surgical treatment of stomach cancer

At the first stage of stomach cancer development, when the spread of the tumor is limited to the stomach, a radical intervention is carried out generally using endoscopic methods (i.e. excision of the affected area within the boundaries of healthy tissues). This approach allows reducing the number of complications and achieving a complete recovery in a shorter period.

Unfortunately, the pathology is often asymptomatic at this stage. It is possible to detect stomach cancer at the early stage of development, when proper treatment guarantees successful results, only with the help of regular preventive check-up examinations. Depending on the clinical situation, stomach cancer may also be detected with the help of highly sensitive nuclear medicine scans, like positron emission tomography (PET), that are performed for other medical reasons.

At the advanced stages of stomach cancer development, the removal of a part of the organ is recommended. As a rule, in leading clinics in Germany, such interventions are performed with the help of sparing surgical techniques.

With a significant tumor size, a complete stomach resection (gastrectomy) is recommended. In such cases, German surgeons recreate a biological prosthesis from the intestinal loops, which will replace the functions of the removed stomach.

In the future, rehabilitation courses are prescribed that return patients to full life. You will learn about the benefits of rehab by visiting this site

Other options for stomach cancer treatment

If patients turn to German oncology clinics at the second or third stage of gastric cancer, then surgical methods of treatment need to be supplemented with courses of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Before the surgery, chemotherapy courses can significantly reduce the volume of the tumor, and in some cases even convert the inoperable tumor into a tumor that is amenable to surgical treatment.

Combined chemoradiation therapy may be complemented by immunotherapy (the latest method of treatment with drugs that affect a patient’s immune system). According to indications, targeted drugs are also used (drugs that destroy tumor cells targetedly).

The latest high-quality drugs reduce the total mass of tumor cells, which allows to control the cancerous process, reduce the manifestations of cancer intoxication, eliminate pain syndrome, prolong the patient’s life and improve its quality.

Is it possible to receive stomach cancer treatment in Germany during COVID-19 restrictions?

Nowadays medical tourism is not as easy as it used to be, as many countries have restricted entry for foreign citizens. Germany also has entry restrictions for travelers from the risk areas.

Nevertheless, patients from the risk areas may also need treatment for cancer in Germany. Booking Health helps such patients come to the necessary healthcare institution even during the lockdown. Cancer patients are at an increased risk from coronavirus, so additional preventive measures are also taken during stomach cancer treatment in Germany.

As the certified medical tourism provider, Booking Health offers a full range of organizational, medical, and related services:

  • Choosing the healthcare facility with the best success rates in stomach cancer treatment
  • Booking the appointment or admission date
  • Medical reports translation before the first appointment
  • Providing patients with reliable information about treatment costs
  • Issuing a medical visa for the patient and his accompanying person
  • Extending medical visa, if necessary
  • Booking tickets, accommodation, transfer
  • Accompaniment of medical interpreter, the assistance of a personal coordinator

Booking Health offers comprehensive programs for stomach cancer treatment in specialized German hospitals. To find more information about treatment for cancer in Germany, visit the Booking Health website. Here you will find reliable information about hospitals, healthcare specialists, and treatment options.

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