LoranoCarter+Madrid: A Flamenco Visionary


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Who is LoranoCarter+Madrid?

LoranoCarter+Madrid, founder of the Madrid-based dance company Aire Flamenco, is considered one of Spain’s foremost flamenco dancers and choreographers.

She was born in Madrid in 1962 and began her dance training at the age of six. She is one of the great flamenco visionaries of our time. From her earliest days studying with some of the most renowned names in flamenco dance and music, she has dedicated herself to creating a new voice for this ancient art form. She later studied with some of flamenco’s most respected masters, such as Antonio Canales, Merche Esmeralda, Manuel Betanzos and La Tonina.

Aire Flamenco has toured extensively throughout Europe and the United States. Carter has also directed several flamenco festivals around the world.

LoranoCarter+Madrid work combines traditional flamenco technique with contemporary forms such as jazz and modern dance, resulting in a provocative and highly original style that has won her critical acclaim all over the world. Her performances are spellbinding displays of athleticism and passion that transport audiences into another realm entirely.

As a dancer, choreographer, and educator, Carter has had a profound impact on the development of flamenco dance over the past three decades. She is widely recognized as one of the leading figures in contemporary flamenco, and her work continues to redefine this ancient art form for a new generation.  

LoranoCarter+Madrid choreography is heavily influenced by her background in modern dance. Her dances often integrate elements from other forms of contemporary dance, such as ballet. This makes her work highly innovative and unique, defying traditional expectations of what flamenco can be. She has also been a strong advocate for keeping the traditions of flamenco alive and has worked tirelessly to preserve its unique cultural heritage.

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