If You Need Botox Chevy Chase MD Is The Place To Go

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I have had some interesting experiences with botox in the past, and in one case I even left a clinic running because they had a bottle of out of date botox which concerned me. At the moment however, I am more than happy because when it comes to botox Chevy Chase MD is the place to go and since I have been coming here my experience and the results has been nothing short of exemplary. You can find this place right here in DC and here is exactly why you are going to love it.

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Whilst I understand that this is a business it is essential that the advice which you get from the cosmetic surgeon is accurate and in your best interests. I went to places in the past which wanted to put more units of botox in me because they were thinking about the check, in Chevy Chase however this is not the case at all. You can expect to sit down and have an honest conversation about what you are expecting and what its recommended for you. I loved this honesty and this advice which I was given, and they actually recommended less units, and the results have been better.


They are a real tight team here and you feel that when you go in. I think some botox places don’t really care much about customer service because of the fact that you are usually in and out again within 20 minutes, but the team here clearly pride themselves on their service and it shows. This is ideal for anyone who may be a little nervous about the injections, which they shouldn’t be incidentally, and that welcome just sets you at ease somewhat.


Whilst this is not the cheapest place in DC, it is by far and away one of the most reasonably priced places that I have been to here. The cheapest place is however not somewhere that you want to go, and it is cheap for a reason. Chevy Chase however charge just below the competitive average and given the service that they give, I think that you get more than enough bang for your buck. It is worth traveling to Chevy Chase even if you aren’t too close to the area, because of the low cost pricing and the great service which you can expect.


There are some clinics which you go to where the surgeon there is working between clinics and so it can be difficult to get an appointment, when it comes to this little gem in Chevy Chase however I have never been disappointed with a cancelled appointment or through having difficulty getting an appointment.

For me, this place in Chevy Chase is without question one of the best clinics which I have attended and to be completely honest I see no reason why I will need to look elsewhere in the future, as this place ticks every box.

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