Ibrahim Jaffe Sufism – What You Will Learn From a Retreat

Ibrahim Jaffe Sufism

For Ibrahim Jaffe Sufism and his beliefs are what inspired him to start taking people away on retreats and he has spoken a great deal in recent months about the benefits that people who go on retreats can find, regardless of their beliefs or faith. This is something which I have to concur with and ever since my mid-twenties I have aimed to take a retreat each year to cleanse the mind, body and soul.

For me there is something very important which you learn about yourself when you go on a retreat into nature, leaving your daily life behind and just taking a couple of days out to pause and to reflect. There is always something more which we can learn about ourselves and here is what a retreat will teach you.

What to Care About

One thing which so many of us are guilty of is placing high importance on things which we think matter but in reality they do not. The reason why it is so hard to see this is that it is just so easy to get wrapped up in our daily lives that it is not until we are able to stand back do we see just how insignificant so much stuff actually is.

The Power Of Nature

The power of nature is truly incredible yet so many of us fail to see or feel it. When you spend some days in a nature environment however it is truly incredible and you will feel your stress levels drastically decline after just a few days. There have been a number of studies into the benefits of nature on stress levels and it is one of the biggest benefits of this kind of retreat. Beyond this nature also gives us that feeling of getting back to basics and that also helps us to understand what is and what is not important.

The Truth

When you are inside a situation it is difficult to know how you actually feel about it. Very often we say and do things which we think that other people wish to hear or we keep things in which could offend people, when in reality we should be able to let our thoughts and feelings run free. A retreat will certainly give you that, the sense of being able to get in touch with exactly how you are feeling, free from any fear that you may offend someone or make a situation worse. Many people will look to go on a retreat when they have an important decision to make as it gives them the time and the space to think about what they truly feel.

No matter whether you have faith in something or not, taking a retreat is a great way for you to take a step back and reconnect, with yourself and with the natural environment. This is something which will certainly help to boost your mental wellbeing.

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