6 Career Options in The Medical World Apart from Being a Doctor


6 Career Options in The Medical World Apart from Being a Doctor. The medical world is not only supported by the existence of doctors.
Many other skills are needed in this industry, and between one profession and another are complementary or cannot stand alone.

Here are seven professions in the medical field other than doctors:

1. Nurse

The nurse is in charge of caring for the sick until they recover according to their knowledge.
The nurse always accompanies the doctor who examines the patient and is always there even though the doctor is not present.
Nurses also have their own specialties, you know.
For example, child care specialists, neurological care specialists, and others.
To become a specialist, one must obtain a master’s education and specialize in nursing.

2. Pharmacist

You have no talent for taking care of the sick, but still want to work in the medical field?
This pharmacist position may be suitable for you.
A pharmacist is a person who mixes drugs to be given to sick people according to a prescription given by a doctor. To become a pharmacist.
Pharmacists are considered ethical professions as well because they are sworn not to use their expertise to harm others.

3. Nutritionist

A nutritionist is also an important profession in the medical world.
Moreover, currently, nutrition science is in line with medical science and health science.
The task of a nutritionist is to conduct studies on nutrition and the use of special diets to prevent and treat disease.
In their duties, nutritionists can provide counseling and provide consultation.
In addition to hospitals, nutritionists are also widely needed in food companies, especially regarding food planning and the procurement of materials for the manufacture of these foods.

4. Radiographer

A radiology technician is a person who performs diagnostic tests such as X-ray techniques, computed tomography 9CT Scan, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to help doctors diagnose a patient’s illness.
As a radiology technician, you must not only be able to operate radiology equipment, but also understand the anatomy of the human body and be able to make patients feel comfortable.

5. Medical recorders

Are you a neat and tidy type? Maybe medical recorders can be an alternative to the medical profession.
A medical recorder is a person who makes a record containing records of the patient’s treatment results, including patient identity, examination, treatment, actions, services, and others.
This medical record is very important because it will help doctors in providing services.

6. Health Extension

Do you prefer to meet many people and share knowledge about health?
You can choose the profession as a health educator and persevere.
Apart from being noble, this profession is also very important because many people, especially in remote areas, do not yet understand the importance of maintaining health and living a healthy life.

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One of the things that cannot be separated from the health worker profession is professionalism which involves the commitment of the health worker to be able to provide improvements in the quality of skills from time to time.

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