3 Benefits Of Using A Safety Razor To Shave

Safety Razor To Shave

For many people, shaving is one of the great inconveniences of life.

Whether you shave your legs, your face, your chest, your arms, or any other area of your body, it can be hard to get a close shave that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. But with the right razor, you can get all these things and more.

While many people use more traditional razors with multiple blades, using a safety razor that just has one blade could be the cure to all your shaving woes. To show you how this can be done, here are three benefits for using a safety razor to shave.

Experience Less Skin Irritation

While you might think that shaving with a razor that uses multiple blades would help you get a closer shave that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, this isn’t normally the case.

According to Matthew Bell, a contributor to, using multiple razors can actually take off more of your skin than should be removed during shaving. Because of this, you can experience a lot more irritation of your skin when using a razor with multiple blades. But with a safety razor, where you are just using one blade, you’ll have a much better chance of just removing the hair you’re trying to get rid of and leaving your skin in a much better state.

More Hygienic

Because a safety razor has fewer blades for germs and bacteria to get stuck in, Adam Hurly, a contributor to Men’s Journal, shares that using a safety razor is going to be a much more hygienic way for you to shave.

When you use a razor that has multiple blades, you can more easily cut yourself and then scrape multiple dirty razor blades over these small openings in your skin. After this, you may experience infections or other irritations within your skin. But with just one blade that’s easy to clean on a safety razor, you won’t have these issues.

Inexpensive To Replace

If you have been using a razor that has multiple blades, you know how expensive it can be to replace the cartridges. Because of this, most people don’t replace their cartridges as often as they should, resulting in them using a dull or dirty razor to shave. But because safety razors only use one blade, it’s much more affordable to replace them.

According to Adam Hurly, a contributor to, replace razors to use in your safety razor are even more cost-effective when you’re able to buy them in bulk. This can ensure that you’re always using a quality razor that will get the job done for you.

If you’ve never used a safety razor before, consider how using one could change the way you shave forever.

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