Working on the Trade Marketing Strategy to Promote Pet Shop: An Ultimate Guide

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With the number of domestic animals growing at a faster pace, the pet care and feeding sector is making millions in Saudi Arabia. However, as more and more people have pets at home, running a successful pet store in Saudi Arabia has become one of the most competitive niches on the market. So, if an entrepreneur wants to expand the pet business, it’s crucial to create a powerful strategy. For creating a successful trade marketing strategy, one must start at the point of sale, i.e., the place where businesses and consumers interact. This article talks about effective tips to create a trade marketing strategy for promoting a pet store.

Train the salespeople

There is great significance in knowing everything about the products being sold in the pet care and feeding sector to run a successful pet store in Saudi Arabia. For this reason, it is highly recommended for the business owner to train his salespeople and instruct them on different pet products offered in the store, so that they can answer all possible questions of their customers.

Merchandising is important

Unlike a market or department store, many pet store customers prefer buying one or two products, be it pet food or medicine. So, a business owner needs to create an effective marketing strategy to sell other products or services. Depending on the size of a pet shop, it’s better to categorize and merchandise the products to improve customer experience.

Create the perfect environment for the store

No matter if one is managing an eCommerce pet store, or a store in the neighborhood, it is vital to create the perfect environment for attracting customers. Now that pets are cheerful, colorful, and fun organisms, creating a friendly, bright. and welcoming environment for the store will attract both humans and pets. One can try creating multiple environments with fun themes to bring a store to life and thus, allude to different pets.

Communicate relevant information

Lack of communication is the major reason for the setback of any business. So, make sure that salespeople and promoters are communicating all information about the products, services, and brands that an owner considers relevant to the targeted customers.

The best thing to do is explain the features and advantages of the pet products to the customers by using clear examples. See to it that this process is being carried out carefully so as not to force them to make a purchase decision immediately.

Schedule other promotional activities in the store

If an entrepreneur is running a neighborhood pet store in Saudi Arabia, he can plan activities to promote the brand, engage customers, and boost sales. For instance, he can contact the NGOs working to rescue animals and plan a fair to bring together people who are interested in adopting pets.

Furthermore, a pet store owner can partner with veterinarians to offer services at little or no price on specific purchases from the store. Organizing these specific activities in the pet store will automatically promote its products or services, attract new customers, and generate brand loyalty.

Work with social media

Generating leads is what determines the success of a business. One of the best ways to achieve this in this digital age is through social media. So, no matter what the size of the pet business is, don’t forget to use social media as an important part of the trade marketing strategy.

With millions of active users on social media, it is a great platform to market the brand. So, an entrepreneur should consider creating an official page on different social media platforms to promote his pet store’s products and services. Make sure to post informative and promotional content related to the pet care sector and engage with the targeted customers.


These are some points that a business owner can work on to create a powerful trade marketing strategy for his pet store in Saudi Arabia; however, these are not the only ones. It is to be noted that marketing the business depends a lot on trial and error and is not an exact science. Therefore, an individual will need to try multiple alternatives to figure out what works best for his pet store. First, research the market conditions for the pet care sector in Saudi Arabia and then work on creating the perfect marketing strategy for the business.

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