Best Food To Feed A Cat To Lighten Its Mood

Cat foods

Giving pets treats is like treating themselves with snacks once in a while. But it is not something that can be done every single time. There are many foods that cats love but some of them should be given to them as cat treats instead of main foods. That means they should be given in limited quantities and that too once in a while only.

Meat as Cat food

Cats eat meat and they love them. The protein in the meat is good for a cat to get a strong heart, excellent vision maintains its reproductive system. Ways in which meat can be given to cats include

  1.     Cooked Beef
  2.     Turkey
  3.     Chicken
  4.     And small amounts of meat

Cats should not be fed raw meat or spoiled meat as they will make the cat sick.

Vegetables for cats as food and cat treats

All cats don’t like vegetables similar to how all kids don’t like them. But as everyone already knows, they are rich in vitamins and contain fiber which can help them with their digestion.

Cats can be given vegetables like

  1.     Broccoli
  2.     Spinach is high in vitamins but should be avoided for cats having kidney or urinary problems.
  3.     Asparagus
  4.     Carrots

Cats should not be given onion and garlic.

Toxic foods that cats have to avoid in any conditions

The foods that humans eat should not be given to cats even as snacks. Cats have a habit of munching the leftovers of the human food that is dropped as bits on the table. For these foods, care should be taken and it should be made sure that there should not be any grains of them left unattended.

  1.     Chocolate
  2.     Onions
  3.     Garlic
  4.     Alcohol
  5.     Bread dough
  6.     Grapes
  7.     Raisins
  8.     A sweetener that is found in sugar-free gum and candy

Oatmeal for cat foods

Oatmeal is a great source of energy and it has vitamin B which is good for cats as how they are good for human beings. But the key to making cats eat oatmeal is by introducing them slowly and eventually making them love it and change that into cat treats.

Fish Oils for cat

Cats love fish. The best alternative food for cats who love fish is fish oil. If the cats are not enjoying their healthy food, the best trick is to mix this fish oil to enhance its taste and make cats love the food. The Omega 3 that is there is fish oil, will help the cat’s skin moisturize and can keep its coat healthy for many years.

Is Ice cream good cat treats

It is okay to feed cats ice cream once in a while like how people treat themselves. Cats love ice creams. They are not healthy but buying ice cream which is an organic flavor like coconut milk can be recommended.


Cats actually do not need treats. They need their food. Treats should be given once in a while, and their regular food should be given daily. And there are foods like onions that are to be completely avoided. If there are any complications, it is advisable to take them immediately to the veterinarian for treatment and suggestions. Visit to learn more about feline nutrition and care, here you’ll find tips to ensure your beloved cat stays happy and healthy.

The bad behavior of pets like cats and dogs does not always reflects their habits and food, it also depends on the health situations they are going through at that moment. According to a research, diseases like skin allergies, fever and kennel cough can affect the behavior. You can learn about the Kennel Cough by visiting this link:

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